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Shoulder Strap – Dual & Single Adjustable Shoulder Strap for DC-1, DC-2 Pro and XV Camera’s


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A Dual or single shoulder strap that is compatible with the DC-1, DC-2 and XV cameras.

The ideal alternative to mounting the camera on your riding hat. Works perfectly with our dual lens DC camera range giving you full front and rear video protection. But equally as suitable with our XV-1.

There are three options when wearing the strap. See the full description below for details.

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The shoulder strap has 3 variations/options.

1 - You can wear the double-sided option that in our opinion gives you the sturdiest mount and the camera can be mounted on either the left or right shoulder. The camera mount that sticks up on the side when not being used can be easily removed.

2 & 3 - Single option for either left or right-hand shoulder.

Please see explainer video for full details and select the most suitable option for you.

Note - The double option is ideal for riders who use our GPS module for tracking to review speeds and mapping. Have the camera mounted on one side and the GPS module on the other.

Quality and weatherproof strap, made of neoprene material that is durable and lightweight.

Adjustable straps mean it is one size fits all.

Designed with wide straps to ensure it's an ideal base to secure your camera.

The 360 degree rotation mount ensures you get a great field of view, both front and behind you.

Easy and comfortable to wear and put on and take off.

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2 reviews for Shoulder Strap – Dual & Single Adjustable Shoulder Strap for DC-1, DC-2 Pro and XV Camera’s

  1. Chloe Chapman

    Looks good, material is very soft and stretchy. Fits comfortably. Overall the strap is very lightweight, easy to fit and very adjustable. It is very easy to clean with a wipe. Holds the camera well with no movement. The camera sits in a perfect angle for carriage driving.

  2. Linny

    Feels well made and industrial. I think it looks good too. Super easy to install and it feels secure.

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