Equestrian Cameras

Equestrian Cameras

Equestrian cameras have become increasingly popular with horse riders in recent years. With many using them as security on regular rides on country lanes and bust roads, it gives reassurance and peace of mind that if an incident was to occur, they have clear filmed evidence that can be referenced.

Head camera footage is permissible evidence in a civil and criminal court and can help with guilty parties admitting liability for any wrongdoings.

It is important to research and learn all about the horse riding cameras available, so you can make the right choice when you purchase.

Cameras for Horse Riding

Techalogic offer two styles of equestrian helmet cameras, perfect for recording both front and rear view in crisp high-quality.

Our CR-1 and CF-1 are perfect compact cameras for horse riding, providing full HD 1080P wide-angle front and rear coverage, with added light for increased safety.  The wide-angle 120 lens and internal mic ensure everything is captured, from special moments with your horse through to important incidents and more. It is a reliable choice for riders, being weatherproof and shock-resistant – suitable whatever the terrain or climate.

We also offer elasticated, reflective hats and chest straps in a variety of colours to allow for secure fastening.  Click each product to view the discounted bundles available.

Our Bestselling Horse Riding Helmet Camera

Our most popular equestrian helmet camera is the DC-1 Dual lens safety camera. It’s the world’s first unique, lightweight, all-in-one dual helmet camera.  Designed with horse riders’ safety in mind, the dual front and back recording gives you an all-around recording of your ride, so everything can be captured, reviewed, and shared.

With 2.5-10 hours of recording time front and back, it far outperforms the typical 30-minute action camera. This can also be easily extended by 7-7.5 hours by adding a power bank.  It is packed with useful features and footage can be played back anywhere via the Techalogic app.

Browse our horse riding cameras and the features included by clicking each product above.

An equestrian camera is a handy tool to have when horse riding, it can record a good ride so that you can watch it back or share it with others, or it can record a dispute with another road user, for example a driver who may have behaved badly and caused an accident.

Equestrian cameras are used by horse riders who ride on roads regularly.

There are three types of camera that are best for horse riding

DC-1 dual lens helmet camera

CR-1 front or rear

XV-1 2K QHD Helmet camera

There are many advantages to using a horse riding camera, the main ones are for safety and to record on ride action.

The best set up depends on personal preference, you can go for either a helmet camera, or a chest camera.


Everything you should know about our CF-1 front and CR-1 rear cameras

Safety on the road is important and for the more vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, horse riders and even motorcyclists, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Protective gear is obviously crucial, but a camera can be a fundamental piece of equipment that will benefit your safety if you’re ever involved…
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Equestrian hat cameras suitable for horse riders

An equestrian hat camera will not just capture those memorable hacking moments but also provide useful video footage in the event of any incident or accident. As we know dash cameras are widely used in cars, vans and trucks, wearing a camera when you are riding is also a good idea and here at Techalogic…
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Helmet cameras: Who Needs One

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The new Highway Code’s instant impact on Horse riders

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car going 10mph and 2 metres away from horse riders

New Highway Code Driving Rules help protect Horses & Horse Riders

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