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We are Techalogic. We’re focused on bringing safety-related technology and innovations to the UK.

Meaning “Logical Tech”, Our philosophy is to create tech products that just make sense

Who we are

We are a family-run business and we’ve been trading online since 2014. We’ve gradually built our business up over this time starting with trade and consumer shows selling tech mostly focused around motorcycle and equestrian safety cameras.

We’re the people that brought Innovv, Mycrocam/UHWK cameras to the UK and the importers of these excellent camera systems for motorcyclist and horse riders. We have a lot of experience in providing technical support and have a reputation for outstanding customer service.

But, while we’re great at selling and supporting other people’s products and pride ourselves on selecting high-quality tech, Techalogic is our own brand and in 2019 we bit the bullet to develop our own products based on the feedback we receive from our loyal customers.


Under our founding company Techalogic, Jas and myself have been promoting action and safety cameras for motorcycling for over 8 years now but never had a dedicated hardwired dashcam system for motorcyclists. After testing over a dozen different products, we landed on Techalogic and are now their UK Importers and Distributors. The team at Techalogic design and develop motorcycle cameras based on solid experience and strong engineering background. Their cameras are built for motorcycling but have many different applications.

Communicating with motorcyclists from around the world every day about camera installations taking feedback on existing products and making improvements, plus new designs & development through product testing.

Motorcyclists have the skills & knowledge with real-world experience on roads and are a valuable resource that supports the development of unique features to fit the needs of bikers on the road. For Techalogic, it’s all about protecting your ride and having fun!!!

Here at Techalogic,  we pride ourselves on After Sales and Customer Service. The motorcycle community demand premium products backed up with great and understanding after-sales support.

In this day and age, it is all too common, especially with larger organisations that the personal touch gets lost and customer service suffers. You know as well as we do that sometimes it takes an age to get to speak to someone. We try our best to offer 7 days a week support whether that’s on the phone, online chat, or email. But can assure you we are never far away and will always get back to you quickly.

But don’t take our word for it please see what our customers say about us on TrustPilot

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