Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycling helmet cameras allow you to capture every moment of your ride and are increasingly popular on UK roads. Fitted directly to your helmet, it is a worthwhile, responsible investment for your personal safety and in the case of any incidents occurring. You also get to relive memories and adventures which can be shared on social media.

Good quality recordings can be a key piece of evidence for the police and authorities in case of an accident.

Helmet Cameras for Motorcycles

When buying a helmet motorcycle camera, the two most important factors are video quality and battery life. Our DC-1 dual lens helmet camera is designed with riders in mind.

With 2.5 hours battery life which can be extended easily by up to 7.5 hours with a power bank.  It is robust, yet lightweight at just 104g, so you will barely notice it there.

For convenience, everything can be accessed through our free mobile app review and share footage easily to social media and adjust the settings/quality.

Motor cyclists use cameras to capture the rides they take; they can be useful in gathering evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident.

A camera must be fixed to a helmet using a bracket.

Motorcycle helmets are legal, but there is one stipulation: a bracket must be used , it cannot be fixed to the helmet by drilling any holes into the shell of the helmet.

Yes, we believe so, there are many benefits to having a camera on your motorcycle, these include:

Evidence in a crash.

Can prove negligence and fault.

Protects you in cases of road rage