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DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera

Original price was: £198.95.Current price is: £189.95.

(126 customer reviews)


Fantastic FHD 1080 video quality in daylight and low light conditions.

We designed the DC-1 dual lens helmet camera as a safety camera specifically for riders like you.

Dual front and back recording provides you with an all-round record of your ride, ideal for safety purposes, perfect for capturing everything around you.

Wifi and App to make it easy to review and share your favourites.

Please Note – Micro SD Card is not included in the standard kit, but can easily be added to your order below.

helmet camera bundle
  • Add a Micro SD Card? (SAVE UPTO £6)

    Security MicroSD Card 64GB Techalogic cameras require an SD card to store video footage. The card size depends on the desired video storage length.

    Provides upto 4.75 Hours of recording storage

    Provides upto 9.5 Hours of recording storage

    • Integral MicroSD 128GB Card

    Add an Equestrian Elasticated Reflective Hat Strap (Save upto £5)

    Equestrian Elasticated Hat Strap Reflective - Yellow Hi Vis reflective hat/head strap. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes. The strap is ideal for any riding hat/helmet and contains anti slip rubber to keep the camera very secure. Can also be worn directly on you head.
    • Equestrian Elasticated Hat Strap Reflective - Yellow

      Yellow - Hi Vis reflective hat/head strap. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes. The strap is ideal for any riding hat/helmet and contains anti slip rubber to keep the camera very secure. Can also be worn directly on you head.

    Add Colour Screw Caps (Save £9.95)

    DC-1 Coloured Caps | Gold, Orange & Green Colour coordinate your DC-1 Camera

    Colour coordinate your DC-1 Camera

    • Coloured Screw Caps And Glass Dc-1 - Bronze

    Add a Power Bank (Save £2)

    10000Mah Powerbank Extend the XV-1 battery run time

    Extend the DC-1 battery run time by approximately 12 Hours

    • 10000Mah Powerbank

    Extend the DC-1 battery run time by approximately 10 hours. Wireless charging for mobile phone only

    Add a Waterproof USB Rubber Pack (Save £3)

    DC-1 Waterproof USB Rubber Pack Required for wet weather conditions when using an external Powerbank

    Required for wet weather conditions when using an external Powerbank

    Add a Dual & Single Adjustable Shoulder Strap (save £5)

    shoulder strap for the DC-1, DC-2 Pro and XV camerasThe ideal alternative to mounting the camera on your riding hat. Compatible with the DC-1, DC-2 and XV cameras.


    The ideal alternative to mounting the camera on your riding hat. Compatible with the DC-1, DC-2 and XV cameras.
    • shoulder strap for the DC-1, DC-2 Pro and XV cameras

      A Dual or single shoulder strap that is compatible with the DC-1, DC-2 and XV cameras.

      The ideal alternative to mounting the camera on your riding hat. Works perfectly with our dual lens DC camera range giving you full front and rear video protection. But equally as suitable with our XV-1.

      There are three options when wearing the strap. See the full description below for details.

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DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera Pack

Capture moments, Share life… in both directions

Why record on one "action camera" for 30 minutes when you can record on the DC-1 for 2.5-10 hours FRONT & BACK!?

The DC1 is designed as a safety camera specifically for riders like You.

Dual front and back recording provides you with an all-round record of your ride, ideal for safety purposes, perfect for capturing everything around you.

Review and share your favourite riding moments and choose footage from the front or rear cameras as desired.

Take photos and lockdown important video files with the remote control. Watch and playback footage anywhere, anytime with the free Techalogic WiFi app.

Bundle your camera & SAVE!
You can add your memory card, 3M helmet mounts, our waterproof cable adapter and even our powerbank to create your own bespoke bundle. Save time and money by building your perfect bundle now!

Personalise your DC-1 with a choice of Gold, Green or Orance lens caps.
Co-ordinate with your gear, your bike, or the rug on your we mean 😉
Bundle and Save almost 30%!

Included in the box!

  • Techalogic DC-1 Camera
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Quick-Release Clip
  • Main Camera Holder
  • Non-Slip Silicone Ring
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 3 Types of mounts (Cycle Helmet Strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M Stickers, Elasticated Riding Hat Strap)
  • Angle Bracket
  • app QR Card
  • An Allen Key to tighten everything up!

Remote Control

A handy remote-control unit is supplied with the camera; so you can quickly take stills or lock-in video moments.

Wear it on your wrist or just mount it somewhere convenient. Its IP67 water rated so its good in any weather

Serene or Extreme!

This dual recording helmet camera is water and dust resistant (IP65 rated) so can handle whatever you throw at it. The DC-1 is built to last.

Great Battery Life

2.5 hours battery recording out of the box and, extend easily with any powerbank – e.g. a low cost 5000 mAh power bank would extend the battery by 7-7.5 hours.

Top Quality but Lightweight

It’s light too. Weighing in at just 104g so you’ll barely notice it’s there and it still records super-sharp HD video thanks to the latest Sony Starvis Exmor Lens.

Packed with features

  • Dual Lens

Worlds first and unique all-in-one dual lens helmet camera designed for your safety when riding

  • SONY Starvis IMX307 Sensor
  • Codec.265

High-sensitivity performance suitable for night filming

  • Seamless Loop Recording

Fit and forget. No need to manage or delete video files. The DC-1 stores video segments in 3/5/10 minute files and once your SD card is full, it will overwrite the oldest files first, but, don’t worry, it will not overwrite any locked files you have generated. The loop record function can be turned off.

  • Easy to Operate

One button control with vibration alert so no having to guess if the camera is on and recording.

  • Battery Duration

1600 mAh Battery capacity gives 2.5 working hours for dual channel recording. Can be easily extended with a powerbank

  • Portable and Convenient

Weighs only 104g. DIY Fitting. Compatible with general action camera mounts

  • Energy-Efficient Detection

Intelligent energy-saving system. Maximises battery duration

  • WiFi Connectivity

Monitor current recording on mobile-phone via WiFi. Download and share files instantly

Fits Multiple Types of helmet… and we include all the fittings you’ll need

Motorcycle, Horseriding, Cycling, Skiing, full-face, peanut, hardhat or posh hat. the DC-1 has options to mount the camera. We include the main types of fittings in the box and as they are universal, there are plenty of ways to mount the camera. Cycle Helmet Strap, Elasticated riding hat strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M Stickers all included.

A great Mobile app Gives you total control

WiFi Connect

  • Simply connect your smartphone to the camera using the FREE app

Live view

  • Check the position of your camera with a live view of the feed


  • Grab your files for editing and see the amazing high-resolution front and rear video straight from the app


  • Upload your files instantly to share your footage whenever you want

Additional information

Memory Size

64GB, 128GB

SD Card Guide

Using a suitable and compatible SD card is essential to your camera functioning correctly. There are various branded and unbranded cards that are not suitable for safe use in safety style cameras that have the loop record function. Ideally please select a durable card that has been designed for dashcam/safety camera use. The ‘integral security’ Micro SD Card (Image Below) is our recommended choice for great quality and value for money. The Integral cards are suitable with any Techalogic Camera.

integral sd card


Warning – Techalogic customers report a high level of issues with the Sandisk range of cards with our cameras and we advise that these be avoided.






126 reviews for DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera

  1. David Scott

    Every interaction I have with Techalogic cannot be faulted.
    The 2 way camera I use daily on my commute has been going strong for over a year and the quality is excellent. I use my Techalogic powerbank on longer runs and have no problems.
    I look forward to buying the cycle light camera’s once my current contract is renewed.

  2. Paul

    Brilliant camera, easy to set up and the people at the other end of the telephone are so helpful. Thanks

  3. Kiminia

    This is a follow-up review after I purchased my Hatcam for horse-riding purposes in 2019 (but wasn’t able to use it throughout 2020).

    I have to say that I’m still very pleased with the on-going customer service, even though my hatcam is now well out of warranty! Couldn’t get the camera to record suddenly, so contacted Techalogic for advice – David couldn’t have been more patient and helpful and his advice solved the issue. No pressure to buy a newer version, just help when I needed it.

    I’ve also needed to keep a copy of a very ‘near miss’ while I was riding, a case that the Police are pursuing, so again, my hatcam has been worth its weight in gold!

    Great product, great company and superb customer service – thank you!

  4. Aura Lehtonen

    Love this camera! Quick delivery, easy to use, good battery.

  5. Karl Webster

    Bought the front and rear motorcycle helmet camera and also the battery pack.

    Well impressed with the camera and the quality of video it produces. Currently I have it installed on the side of my helmet rather than the top due to the fact if I need to plug it in to the battery pack the cable will be open to the elements and will be blown about unless it is secured down. It does the job and don’t notice it’s there.
    The battery pack is great, with even a wireless charging function, great for charging my phone, saves me having to carry my phone cable.

    Well impressed with the company and there willingness to help along with a prompt delivery.

    Highly recommended.

  6. Stuart Gosney

    The Techalogic Rear & Front cameras are a great investment. It is fixed on top of my cycle helmet. I normally travel approx 160miles per week on my Mountain Bike. I truly feel safer on the road because drivers of all vehicles are showing much more respect & leaving more room when overtaking. If their is an impatient motorist I turn & look at them & point to the cameras. This makes them think. I have dropped my helmet twice & broken the rear lense & the screw on casing. I re ordered a replacement from the Techalogic spares site. This was delivered within 3 days, so I was highly delighted. I would definately recommend this piece of safety equipment.

  7. Mandy Haxby

    Absolutely love my new camera. So easy to use and the picture quality is excellent. I feel so safe knowing I can record my journey, but also its loads of fun too.
    Also love my hat band and fancy lens covers. I’ve heard people call them expensive, but you get what you pay for and I paid for quality.

  8. Lucia Snudden

    Brilliant camera. Love the quality. Can’t fault it. Lightweight too

  9. Carole K

    I recently contacted Techalogic regarding a snapped DC-1 helmet mount , David at Techalogic , offered a free replacement , which arrived the next day .
    I highly recommend the customer service at Techalogic .
    This is not the first time I have contacted them , they helped me with setting up the camera when I first purchased it .

  10. Emma House

    Easy to deal with when I couldn’t download the files. Picture/ film is good quality. If I was being really critical it would be nice to have an insert to go under the hat mount to tilt it away from the hat so to avoid seeing the hat cover

  11. Joe Lawrence

    I highly commend Techalogic for it’s excellent customer care. I purchased a cycle camera from them 9 months ago (DC-1 / it takes video looking forwards and from behind). It’s a great little camera and performed well and produces great video.

    Because of something I had done it started to turn itself off after two or three minutes (it turns out that I must have turned on the Power Save mode in the settings by mistake). I contacted them about the trouble I was having and after a couple of emails explaining what was occurring they asked me to return it to them so they could check it over. This I did and had the camera returned back to me all fixed and in a turn around of five days.

    An email from Dave explained the checks he had made (inc. the power save mode alteration) and that they had tested it for 2.5 hrs with no issues. They also updated the firmware for me and replaced a broken usb cover. Although I may have been the cause of the problem they made no charge for this service.

    The customer service I received was really first class with excellent communication via email and a very quick turnaround.

    It is service like this that builds confidence and I recommend them for both product and follow up.

  12. Vivienne Woodgate

    I’m new to this technology. Finally found where the videos are. Excellent shots but lots to learn about editing, saving and downloading etc…and being patient when attempting to connect to wifi. I like the compact cameras.

  13. Yannick Read

    Early days but so far extremely pleased with the camera. I bought to use on my motorbike and bicycle. Easy to set up and operate via Viidure App. Footage from motorbike is very
    good and will try the bicycle soon.

  14. Paul Bennett

    Brilliant headcam to use whilst riding a horse, slight difficulty in using the app to snip videos but generally a good piece of equipment. Very good customer service

  15. AS

    Great little camera only slight concern is micro usb card slot the cover doesn’t clear the slot so card difficult to remove.

  16. Andy Green

    Great unit.

  17. Sallyanne Burdon

    Product is great – easy to use and great images/recording.

  18. Heather Jones

    My husband purchased the TechalogicDC1 camera for me Jan 21, its brilliant as records forward and back, so great for riding cross country and catching your pals on funrides. I have also found it invaluable for hacking on the local roads, as will catch irresponsible road users, particularly now with the new highway code laws.

    I had an issue with the camera turning off last year, I had immediate support off David from Techalogic, it was just a firmware update that needed doing. Also, have been out of action for a few months and on going to use it, lights were flashing and I didn’t know what to do. Once again, David sorted the problem, which was just a reformatting of the memory card, in fact sent me a formatted, updated card and when inserted worked straight away. So I would say these were more user not being that technically minded than the camera. Cannot fault post sale support even 16 months on. Get yourself the camera you will not be disappointed, easy to load vids on to an app too, even make my own movies!

  19. Rees

    Great camera, easy to mount and comes with various helmet fittings. Video resolution more than adequate. Highly recommended for all cyclists as very lightweight

  20. Rosie Warrington

    Excellent service. Quick delivery?

  21. Jane Hubart

    Love this product, can highly recommend for horse riders
    Customer service is brilliant
    Replaced my broken item without hesitation, very speedy response, very fast delivery.
    Personal service
    This company actually look at customer reviews and feedback and respond

  22. Wozniac Zenon

    The best double lens camera on the market in my opinion with clear and sharp images/. Very light and easy to use with many features.

  23. Ant Shepard


  24. Ken

    Very impressed so far. I bought front and rear camera to use on my bike. Was sceptical as I’d tried other more expensive brands and it the quality had not been good enough.

    With these, the image is very clear. I’ve only used them for a few weeks, but if these are durable, then I will be very happy in a year’s time.

  25. George Haririan

    Great camera , brilliant picture quality band battery .

  26. Roy Whiston

    Excellent service and excellent product!
    You’d be amazed at the space other road users give me when they see the RoadCam!

  27. Charles Kernahan

    Like the product, but the instructions are a bit basic and sparse

  28. Nigel Cattle

    Bought the DC-dual front / back camera after reading several great reviews. I’ve had a good many close passes recently and wanted a camera as both a deterrent and for evidence. Only been out twice with the DC-1 and the performance is great, with the optional water resistant USB lead and an external power bank it recorded the whole of my 6 hour plus Ride London Essex 100. If you want an action camera there are better options but this does what I want perfectly. Brilliant service from Techalogic too, price as low as anywhere else and super speedy delivery. I’m really impressed!

  29. Anne Dawson

    Great camera , would love a booklet to help set it up, rather than trying to read it on line, as i am not able to print

  30. Simone Haworth

    5 stars
    Value for money
    5 stars
    DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera
    So light that you forget it’s there. A great piece of kit

  31. Tilly Sour

    Speedy delivery, great quality camera

  32. John Rain

    This is a fantastic pice of technology.and I am very impressed with my purchase. I have messaged them and rang them where they answered any of my questions no problem. Do not hesitate get one yourselvef the price may be a little high but you will understand why when you use it.☆☆☆☆☆

  33. Ashley Neal

    Great product and speedy service. Highly recommended.

  34. Barry Munson

    Great service and really great front rear camera.
    Vehicles keep well clear of me now !!!!!!

  35. Alan

    What a great bit of kit; usual level of faff setting it up, but nothing that should stretch anyone.
    The plastic used for the lock in clips is not the best and I broke one just setting the camera up. I called the company and they were excellent.
    Picture quality is superb and of course you get both front and rear views, which is just what we need.
    I have it mounted centrally on my (cycling) helmet, using the lower profile mount and soon forgot it was there.
    It is not cheap, but cheaper than buying 2 separate ones. Battery life (ca2.5hrs) is the best I have come across and long enough for most rides. If I want longer I will add a power pack

  36. Michael

    Very pleased with the camera only slight downside is wind noise picked up by mic.

  37. Dave Cook

    I had contemplated at times buying a camera to use whilst cycling, but had never taken the plunge. The main reason being that the majority of bike cameras were of the type built into lights, which were no good to me as I do a lot of off-road cycling and the lights I have are far better (brighter) than any of the light/camera offerings.
    This left helmet cams which I liked the idea of as they recorded whatever you were looking at, rather than where the bike was facing. I had seen people with a GoPro on their helmets which just looked very unwieldy.
    After a particular incident, and near miss, with an aggressive driver I decided a camera was a top priority so started looking in earnest.
    I soon came across the Techalogic DC-1 and what was immediately appealing was that it recorded both front and rear in the same unit. No other camera I could see did this, you needed separate front and rear cameras.
    My only reservation was that it was a helmet cam, and I didn’t want to look like a Teletubbie once the camera was mounted!
    I took the plunge and ordered it. Once it arrived I familiarised myself with it and it became immediately apparent that they had really thought all the details through – such as the simple way it turns on and off (giving a vibrating feedback so you know it’s on and recording) and all the mounting options. Also, details such as having removable screw-on lens covers so that if, for example, a stone gets kicked up and hits the front or rear of the camera it’s not the actual lens that is damaged. You buy a spare screw on lens cover easily and cheaply (compared to a damaged lens!).
    I tested it with the app they recommend (Viidure) and it worked flawlessly, connected easily to the camera and allowing viewing and downloading of the files to my phone.
    I initially mounted it using the strap option to the side of my helmet, but felt that the weight imbalance would probably drive me nuts on a ride, so attached it to the top of my helmet. Apart from the concern that I now looked like a Teletubbie!, when I sat on my bike in a riding position (head slightly tilting forward) there was a weight imbalance where I could feel the camera pulling the helmet forward.
    I then realised I was able to attach it still on the top of the helmet but at the back. This solved any weight imbalance and after a quick ride down the cul-de-sac I hardly knew it was even there – plus it had also help resolve the Teletubbie look!
    Time for a test run! I cycled up to the local shops and back again and reviewed the footage back home. I could make out the number plates nice and clearly of any cars that came the opposite direction or passed by me. The great thing about the dual front/rear capture is that you get two opportunities to catch the number plate of a vehicle!
    Over the course of the next few days I went on a bike ride each day – camera fitted. I chose to do more road based routes to give the camera a good real world test – seeing how well it recorded number plates and drivers too.
    The quality of the recording is superb. Colours are great and, after some experimenting, I found that the 1920×1280 30fps was my preferred option over the 1280×720 60fps. I thought the 60fps might have caught plates better, even at lower resolution, but found the higher resolution gave the best result.
    The camera came into its own on two of these rides where I encountered three separate incidents – two within 10 minutes of each other on the same ride!
    These were uploaded to my Police force’s anti-social driving web site with the conclusion that two of them were sent advisory letters. I doubt this would have happened without the footage.
    For one of the incidents in particular, if it hadn’t been for the rear capture it wouldn’t have captured the vast majority of the incident. It is such a crucial feature to have this dual recording.
    Whilst I was getting to grips with the camera I had need to contact Techalogic Technical Support on a few occasions to clarify some details and check on something regarding the firmware. Each time I spoke with David who was superb, answering all my questions and for one question he said he needed to check with someone else and would get back to me. As promised he called back the following day – as I was on a bike ride ironically! 🙂
    The product is fantastic and backed up by great Customer Support. I wanted to buy a couple of additional accessories and this was dealt with promptly and I received them the next day.
    I’m extremely happy with my purchase. The camera works superbly and it just gives that added assurance that you know you are capturing front and rear as you are cycling along.
    As well as the obvious use for capturing any incidents, it’s also great to play back footage from a ride and see the highlights again – saving any particular bits for posterity.

  38. Alan Farquhar

    Great quality camera. The footage and build quality are both excellent. This is the only front and rear camera I’ve found and it is exactly what was needed.
    I had an issue with the camera not turning on but the company support was excellent and it was immediately replaced and they said this was their first faulty one.
    The only thing I would say is that it is quite heavy for a cycle helmet so I mount it on my drop bars which works perfectly. Think it will be fine on my motorcycle helmet as this fits tighter, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

  39. Mr Ellis

    I’ve had it a few weeks now & I love the dual camera’s, its great for capturing those moments.. both the dodgy & the awesome. I wrapped the remote control around the handle bars between the headstock mounts & it sits just below the console, it’s a nice extra & easy to use with gloves on, I’m sure will come in handy.
    I’ve not run out of power yet but its nice to know I can just plug a powerbank in & carry on.
    If your after a cam this wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  40. Neil Monk

    bought this camera in July 2020 as it is the only one I could find that had forward & rear facing lenses. It seemed a lot to pay for ‘just a dash cam’ but as I ride a bike and bicycle I wanted something I could use on both (not at the same time – obviously!). I also didn’t want to have to wire in two cameras on my bike (so much hassle). The mount for my cycling helmet allows me to fit it on the top and I’ve used the curved mount to fit to my bike helmet which is low on the right side – one small tweak to the bracket holding the actual camera and it is set up whichever pair of two wheels I’m out on.

    I am sooo pleased with this camera, the results/images are excellent quality. It has already paid for itself as I was nearly hit by a ‘blind’ motorist when out on my bike – I have powerful front and rear riding lights and was able to prove to him that he just didn’t look! The look on his face was priceless when I showed him the images on my phone! I was also nearly rear-ended and that made me vow that I would ALWAYS move the camera across to whichever bike I was using.

    The app is generic but functions well, I have recently increased the recording time to 10 minutes so I have a better record of my journey.
    One little niggle was that the camera has occasionally refused to talk to the SD card. Having just (literally) spoken to Techalogic they have advised to reformat the card every now and again to keep the connection tight – this makes sense as you should shut down computers regularly to keep things running well.

    I have to say, Techalogic were the most helpful support team I have ever encountered. I left a message and they rang me back just over an hour later and were upfront and honest about each problem I raised (all small) and discussed how best to resolve them. I love my camera and it is now part of my getting ready routine. If I was asked to recommend a helmet cam for cyclists or bikers this would be the one. If I had to be super-picky, I would say the wind noise is a bit excessive (at speed) but as I am not concerned about anyone hearing me singing whilst I’m on the road this is a non-issue for me – UPDATE: when stationary the audio clarity is fine (and can be increased on my Mac) so no issue at all!

  41. Lynda Toon

    I purchased this camera after seeing a lot of hype about it on a Facebook page for horse riders. As I ride a lot on the roads I though I would invest in a better camera. The biggest seller was having a rear facing camera also. When I received the camera it was easy to set up and use. There was a slight issue with the USB cover coming off but when I spoke to the company it was speedily fixed. I use it every time I ride now and its also great for capturing great rides. Its lightweight and very secure on helmet. The only thing I would say is that it does take a long time to charge but I won’t hold that against it. Highly recommend as the quality is better than some higher priced cameras

  42. Martyn Toon

    Fed up with dangerous drivers i decided to try camera. I was conscious only recording the front or rear was going to be limiting, and having 2 sets of cameras to charge and switch on etc would likely mean I just wouldn’t use them. There’s some great looking combination light and cameras, but these are expensive. So I decided to give this unit a go.

    It has plenty mounting options, using standard gopro style connectors. You configure it using an easy to use app, but the default setup is pretty good for general use. You do need to buy a separate memory card, but these are relatively cheap now.

    I have mine mounted on top of my cycle helmet. This means u don’t have to transfer the camera between bikes. It also means the camera is fairly conspicuous, the hope being to make drivers think twice before performing a dangerous maneuver.

    Video resolution is hd, and recorded car licence plates can easily be read. Front and rear video are automatically recorded in separate video files. The unit does record audio too. The audio is pretty useless when on the move due to wind noise, but would recorded shouts and car horns etc. I imagine the audio could be useful should a “conversation ” happen at the roadside while not moving.

    Use is simplicity itself, just long press the single button and the camer powers up and starts recording. Video is broken down into individual lengths of time configured in minutes in the app. Default is 5, but I have mine set to 10minute clips. The unit will automatically overwrite the oldest clips saved on the memory card if the memory card becomes full.

    It has a wireless remote which can trigger recording and still photos, but I don’t intend using this so can’t comment on its usefulness.

    Charging is by micro usb port, and an led indicates charging process.

    Overall, a really well thought out unit a d glad I bought it. Improvements could be usb c port or even wireless charging, and ejecting the memory card is a little fiddly

  43. Aiden Drake

    I really like this camera- its discrete. and unique in that it records video behand and in front of you at the same time

    The camera captures as good a quality I suppose one can expect from a cycle camera, given that I have it mounted on the handle bars of my bike. Either the front or rear camera will capture a number plate, if that’s what you want and your using it for a cycle camera to record any traffic issues. Because I mount it on the handle bars, sometimes the point of capture of a number plate (using the video) can be blurred, because of the bouncing of the bike, but I imagine if your quick with the wrist attachment that comes with the camera and has a button that to take stills it will do the job. Its probably better mounted on the helmet. I haven’t tried this yet

    I would defiantly mount the wrist button on the handle bars for safety reasons.

    I haven’t used the mounts that come with the camera I have bought other mounts for helmet and bars.

    The one drawback is the recording time, about 1.5 hours. However attached to a power pack, it will run as long as the power pack lasts. The videos are 3 mins long so you see a folder on the computer when you plug it in via a usb socket and switch it on full of 3 min vids. If your SD cards runs out of space it starts to overwrite the first videos on the card. The wrist attachment has a second button that allows you to protect a presumably currently running 3 min video. I personally haven’t used this.

    You can download a phone app, but its a generic one. I find it works fine.

  44. Darren Gardner

    i have fitted this camera to the side of my cycle helmet so as to record the front and rear views when cycling to and fro from work. The quality of the recordings is top notch play back using the built in wifi is brilliant and so far the battery has lasted four days doing two 15 minute rides to and back from work and a trip or two to the shops which lasted about 10 minutes before having to recharge the batteries. Yes it is a lot of money for a camera but it is worth every penny as now nearly all cars give me a wider berth on my push bike which equals a safer journey. I would mention there are loads of holders with this camera that it can be fitted practically any where or on any surface you wished to.

  45. sebastian wolf

    Good little piece of kit. Got this camera to use while commuting on my motorbike and after being hit by a careless driver that did not bother to stop after throwing me to the ground.
    I’m truly amazed by the picture quality, although the fact that it is not stabilised, makes for a really shaky video sometimes. To avoid a lot of vibration, I’ve fitted the camera on my backpack shoulder strap, which has been proven to be a good choice stability wise. Ok quality in low light conditions, although most times one would not be able to read a license plate due to high reflectiveness of the plate which dazzles the camera. I have noticed that both front and rear, when facing a plate directly, will give a good reading of the plates on almost any conditions and within aprox 15m of the lens.
    Being a dual lens camera, front and back and given the price, it is a good quality piece of kit that will provide some piece of mind in case anything should happen while out on the road.
    Would definitely recommend this kit, as well as the customer service provided. Had a few issues due to delivery driver leaving package with neighbor and I wasn’t notified of delivery. Reached out to customer service to check and confirm delivery and they have replied swiftly and helped me realise where the product was delivered.
    All in all would recommend as a safety addition for any rider, be it biker, cyclist or horse riding.

  46. Andree Ralph

    Fantastic, absolutely love it and so does my partner. I bought us both one for when we’re cycling and they are worth every penny.

  47. Carole Arkley

    I had a very quick delivery, I love the product but setting it up is not easy at all, the info is on your phone but you need the phone to read the instructions to set the phone up! Get a friend to help

  48. Alan Bartholomew

    Works exactly as required and fairly simple to operate.

  49. John Govier

    Support from this Company is awesome, on two occasions minor issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently.
    David and Jaz sorted out my problems and I continue to use my helmet cam knowing that any issues that arise will be dealt with promptly.

  50. Emm Downing

    Quick delivery and good camera. Even dealt with an impromptu side exit from horse well and still records fine!

  51. Olivia Heywood

    DC-1 All-in-One Dual Recording Helmet Camera is a fantastic product with front and rear recording to keep you safe when riding or biking. Excellent customer support – highly recommended.

  52. Hugo Guerreiro

    So far great customer service
    So far great customer service. Local and fast reply

  53. Christopher Wilby

    The camera I bought was faulty but the company replaced it pretty quickly.

  54. Mr Portsmouth

    The front and rear cameras I purchased seem of good quality and reasonable price but I felt let down by the installation advice that came with them . The pamphlet seemed a bit all over the place and not easily understood , although that could have been just me ? Not really had a chance to test fully but as I said earlier the advice on setting them up with Wi-Fi and watching video back on my phone could have been better explained.

  55. Karen

    fantastic bit of kit. just what is needed for when im riding my horse.
    fast delivery, everything brilliant,

  56. Jane

    I purchased the Techalogic Dc-1 as the roads are getting busier and I am wanting to slowly introduce my young horse to hacks.
    I went on the website and all the information is there. The instructor booklet is clear.
    I spoke to the team with a couple of queries and they were excellent.
    Duly ordered the equipment downloaded the Vidure app and followed the instructions. The camera was easy to fit to the harness that goes on my helmet and it works perfectly. I feel more confident knowing my ride is being filmed. I hope never to have to use it for an incident and drivers seem to notice it and slow down even more for which I am very grateful.

  57. Jane ODonnell

    Fantastic piece of kit. Excellent image clarity. Easy to set up.

  58. Donald Harvill

    I love my DC-1 camera. I film my daily commute on a motorcycle for peace of mind. I love that it shoots back and front, slim profile, continuous record etc. It isn’t perfect though. The back lens came off on a freeway one day. getting replacement was easy though and I used some thread-tight to lock it in. I cracked the mount it comes with. Likely my fault. Can’t over tork plastic. My only other slight gripe is it doesn’t capture license plates as well as i had hoped, but then again, few cameras would. In USA, we have smaller lic. plates than elsewhere. In spite of a few complaints, it is a great little unit that does what i want. Thanks for bringing to market!

  59. Summer

    Fantastic camera. So suprised how steady and clear it is even when galloping. Unfortunately, the charger wasn’t working when it arrived but they sent me another one free of charge.

  60. Susan kay

    Really impressed with the quality of videos. Have had a problem with sound and received advise from Tech team, which unfortunately did not fix problem so have returned for them to investigate. Others on my yard are also very impressed; two have bought the camera and another three are looking at it.

  61. Karen Keen

    So helpful. I got in a muddle trying to attach to my riding helmet, but the tech help were great. I’m confidently recording whenever I ride now. Great product and service.

  62. Martin Bradshaw

    I bought a camera, dc-1 for the motorcycle. The camera is nothing short of brilliant. Unfortunately the bracket broke.
    I emailed you on a bank holiday weekend, not expecting a reply until the Tuesday.
    Straight away I had a reply ( on Sunday ).
    The same day a replacement was organised. Unbelievable service. Thank you.
    I am an iam member and will pass the word.
    Thanks again.

  63. Donna Rock

    Great quality photos and video. Easy to set up and use. The camera records both front and rear simultaneously. Highly recommend this camera for horse riders, motorcyclists and cyclists as it also comes with an assortment of attachments for hats and helmets.

  64. TJ

    I have been using this for a few days now, mounted to the top of my cycling helmet, (very visible to other road users) and the VERY close passes that used to happen daily on my commute to work have stopped!! It is definitely a visual deterrent but if anything did happen, the front and rear recordings are excellent quality.

  65. Jamie Lee

    By far and we are talking another galaxy this is the best camera for your bike, the footage is so clear and no shakes, the powepack is great and light, the camera fittings are so easy to fit and sturdy, no instruction manual which is a god send, they have YouTube videos which are very clear and concise, I had mine up and running in 15 minutes, even downloading footage is great, data is stored on small memory card you put in your PC once downloaded delete off the card and your ready to go again, if you save all footage I would advise a external hard drive as the footage is that good it’s uses a lot of data. Just my personal recommendation.

  66. John Whetley

    Buying process was straightforward. Delivery was prompt, no problems. The camera was excellent, it worked well the first time I used it. The quality of the videos was very good. Mounting the DC-1onto my helmet was better than anticipated, very secure. The remote control worked really well, identifying videos for closer scrutiny after my ride revealed some interesting videos.

  67. Barbera Butler

    I bought a DC-1 in January and it was everything I hoped for: the camera itself is very well designed and easy to set up and use, though the instructions could be improved a little in places.

    After a few months I started having a problem with the camera turning itself off very soon after turning on. I emailed the company and got a very prompt and helpful email back, which became a conversation as several possible solutions were tried and failed, including new firmware supplied as my PC was out of action. Eventually we discovered it was the memory card causing the problem, which was resolved by using a different card. Steve was pleasant and effective throughout as well as solving the problem and I would gladly recommend both the product and the company to anyone looking to buy a helmet camera.

  68. Rupert Keel

    Communication with Techalogic was good, camera arrived late not within the stated window. Also I requested orange coloured lenses black arrived. Looking forward to using the DC1 on a forthcoming foreign tour.

  69. Mark Ward

    You need to tell would be customers that you need a smart phone to personalize the camera. The wrist watch I am not sure I will be using this, unless it can be used to stop/start recording, please explain if I have got it wrong & it does do this. The delivery service is very good along with the packaging of the product. Having a customer service advice open at the weekend would also be very helpful. Used the camera a few times viewed a little of the footage which is good quality including the sound. Thank you for answering my questions, & advice given when you were open.

  70. Alison French

    Excellent camera love it

  71. Summer

    Fantastic product all round. Would definitely reccomend

  72. Susan

    Impressed with picture quality. Easy to use. Tech very helpful with sound issue.

  73. Ian Culley

    The parcel is at my home a couple of days later

  74. Sharlene Boyle

    Love my camera, it picks up all details the only problem is it doesn’t have wind reduction if you are going at a speed with some wind in motion

  75. Brian Fairley

    Easy to use and well presented website to make an informed decision on the best product to choose, Website also has many video how to guides.
    Ordering was easy & the product arrived well before the estimated arrival date. This was a birthday present for the lady horse rider in my life who was over the moon with her gift.

  76. Andrew Culley

    Very nice cameras and with gold at the ends camera and the battery

  77. Sharlene

    Very good camera, catches front and rear views, it records in 3 minute bursts so if you are doing a long video it can take a while to go through footage

  78. Tony Shield

    Using the website for ordering was not intuitive, but when I figured it out I was able to place an order for what I wanted. The camera was delivered as scheduled and well packaged.

  79. John Roberts

    Great rear camera and excellent aftersales service.

  80. Joanne Hawkins

    Think this camera will be very useful to report to the police the behaviour of ignorant roaring vehicle drivers who are intolerant of other road users.

  81. Julie Magnus

    Best camera for riding out in with front and rear recording. Have had mine 2 years now-excellent after sales service and their set up videos are so easy that all techie phobics can get on and do it! Excellent quality to download poor driving to the police 5 stars all the way One of the only products I recommend daily

  82. Graham Smith

    First class service from David. Always quick to reply to any questions and was able to sort out our camera without any fuss. I have never received better customer service. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  83. Carole Atkinson

    Great pictures and sound quality,very helpful customer services when I needed help with set up.

  84. Jonathan Crennick

    Order was delivered swiftly. Camera works well although could have better connectivity with the app

  85. Roy Plowman

    Prompt delivery and the camera works exactly as described; has been tested in torrential rain and all fine.
    Fitting videos were very useful.

  86. Christopher Simpson

    I purchased my DC-1 motorbike helmet cam via Amazon. Product is very good and works very well. Its super lightweight and streamlined so I don’t even notice its attached to my helmet. A little expensive, but well worth the money. The only no so good thing is the wrist band on the controller! This needs improvement to be able fix it to the handlebars so it can be operated safely, it’s also very short so impossible to put it around your wrist over your gloves, and too long to fix it to the handlebars! Also the velcro on the band is on the wrong side to secure it correctly as shown in the instructions without a twist in the band. Battery life is short, 2.5 hrs, so purchase of the optional portable power pack is a must for longer distance rides. However if you have the power pack you’ll also need to purchase the optional weatherproof USB cover!

  87. Jayne Robson

    Always excellent speedy service- thank you!

  88. Jane Dawson

    Company very helpful when i called was struggling to format my sim card

  89. Neil Fortton

    Good kit, fast delivery. Everything as stated and the support on line is good so I would expect that if I ever had to call them to ask something, or order nythinf it would be a food experience.
    For now though just enjoying a good product which is everything the press say about it.

  90. Louise Jenkins

    Easy to use website, good reviews from previous customers and fast delivery

  91. Nigel Barnett

    Great service

  92. Adam Fry

    Lightning fast delivery of replacement helmet strap for my dual camera.

  93. DMC (verified owner)

    Had the dc-1 for a few months now and can’t fault it, got it together with the waterproof kit and wireless charge powerbank, also a good addition to have for the extended trips.

  94. Julie Belsom

    Website helpful with full instructions. Good product-recommended by many on the pass wide and slow Facebook page. Fast safe delivery and once I master sure it will be a great product to use.

  95. Rachel Mcarthey

    Fantastic service, arrived after only a few days from ordering, Great Product, Thank You.

  96. Steve Edwards (verified owner)

    Great camera, hardly notice it’s there.
    This company are first class to deal with. I have had a couple of issues (not camera related) with the mounting brackets. These do appear to be bad luck rather than anything else. This was sorted out really quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend.

  97. Lynn Rose

    Great and fast delivery, was a last minute Christmas gift!

  98. Christopher Price

    Great product, well packed, lightning quick next day delivery, very pleased, many thanks

  99. Ian Sufferstink

    Great service, nice and quick. Needed the camera before Christmas and ordered a few days before and it came with 2 days to spare so well chuffed thanks

  100. Clare Docle

    Ordered the DC-1 camera on a Friday and it arrived the next day. Lovely packaging. Everything I needed carefully packed. Watched the YouTube videos on setting it all up. And today went for my first ride out with camera securely connected on my hat. Beautiful film of our ride. Having the rear camera is fab because the rider behind also gets to see themselves. Plus of course it will be very handy if any traffic incidents occur.

  101. Claire Canyon

    Super-fast delivery and excellent customer service. Really impressed with the camera

  102. Anthony Shaw

    Bought this camera last year, an excellent camera, buying this camera was the best thing i did because I was involved in a accident and camera record everything, the police took the camera away this led to the young boy being prosecuted.

  103. Shirley Lambert

    Great fast response. I couldn’t find a spare part so I emailed and within the hour I had a response and a link to where I needed to look. I ordered what I needed and that also arrived on a fast delivery

  104. David Harper

    This is an excellent camera, made of aluminium with a jet black finish. Lots of options for mounting and it’s provided with a variety of fittings for that purpose. Contacted TECHALOGIC for advice post purchase and received prompt and helpful response.

  105. Kian harrison

    Excellent technical support, responded promptly to queries via their website.
    Also, the supplied USB charging lead developed a fault after a few weeks of use: replaced immediately by Techalogic without question.
    Of the two separate orders I placed, both were delivered within 24-hrs.

  106. Karen Gill

    Superb, really gives peace of mind to know you hard copy video of what’s going on in front of you and the back while ridding a motorcycle.

  107. Warren Grant

    Good website and very easy ordering. The camera is excellent although I would say I didn’t find the instructions great. You have to download the app and follow up customer service you can phone them who were brilliant but it would still have been better if there had been some detailed instructions with the camera. That said I am extremely happy with it, after 3 phone calls to the guys who were brilliant.

  108. Russell Gant

    Very good products. Reliable, fast & efficient service ????

  109. Susan Russel

    Fast delivery, excellent price, cam is amazing and supplies excellent footage while out horse riding on roads.

  110. Safia Reece

    I asked around as I wasn’t sure what was available on the market in terms of cameras that would record near misses and issues after encountering a very irate driver who left inches between us and our horses. I was recommended this camera – social media being used positively! The quality is fantastic and records in clips of 3 minutes. Instructions are easy to follow although I did have to call because I hadn’t checked all the parts!

  111. Allison Stubbs

    The camera is excellent with top quality pictures. However was a little difficult to load app due to VPN, perhaps an explanation in notes

  112. Brian Whigham (verified owner)

    I bought my DC-1, 2 years ago it has proved to be invaluable. Front and rear camera is great idea as it shows a complete story of driver misbehaviour. HD picture quality is excellent. When vehicle drivers see this on the top of your helmet, it is amazing how quickly their driving manners improve. I have submitted a couple of video clips to the police, it really stimulates their interest and confidence to go for a prosecution. With, in both cases a positive outcome.
    David is second to none in resolving tech. and other issues.
    Get this camera and go cycling with confidence.

  113. Clive Saunders

    Have only just purchased the DC-1 so I am still ‘playing’ around with it – But my initial thoughts are it’s a great camera for motorcycle use – Appears relatively easy to use and the quality looks to be great – Also have spoken to David at Techalogic on a couple of points (just needed some clarification) and he was great and really helpful which is a real ‘bonus’ – So initial thoughts – Appears to be a good buy with no regrets –

  114. Martin Toon

    I can not recommend Techalogic enough, not only for the quality of their products but the after sales and support is second to none. I recently contacted them about a problem I was having with my camera and they were extremely helpful and resolved it for me.
    If you are looking for a helmet camera then look no further, I have the DC-1 which has fantastic quality footage and having front and rear recording is worth it’s weight in gold if riding on the roads.
    There are well known brands that cost considerably more and yet the quality isn’t as good.

  115. Kerry Tetley

    I have bought the dc-1 for my 9 year old to wear while she goes out on adventures with her pony,first time we used it yesterday and wow this is amazing,it’s very lightweight and the quality of the photos and videos are amazing,very good price for what you get.

  116. Julie Market

    Broke my techalogic holder but manager to buy a new one. Royal mail let themselves down by not doing next day delivery. Got the part and could not work out how to put it together but a quick email to techalogic and they quickly helped put it back together!!!

    Still superb after sales service 3 years after buy the initial DC1. Thank you so very much for being fabulous!

  117. Olly Barman

    After years of riding with a basic front-facing bodycam strapped to my chest and after several near misses from traffic behind me I decided to buy the DC1 camera so I could record in both directions. It works fantastically:
    – After a bit of planning, very easy to mount to my helmet
    – Not a significant extra weight
    – Easy to know if I’ve pressed the button ok and started recording, as the camera vibrates a few times
    – App works very well for viewing the camera’s live view over wifi
    – Sturdy construction
    – Quick release makes it easy to take the camera off and put it in my bag so I can lock my helmet to my bike
    – Video quality definitely good enough for police reports or insurance claims – the only way to get better quality would be to use a GoPro, but then you pay a lot more, only get recording in one direction, and no vibration feedback that you’ve started recording

    And to top it off, when I had an issue with the camera’s charging port and sent it back to get it fixed (within the warranty), they did so very quickly and were kind and courteous the whole way.

    I reccommend both the DC1 camera and Techalogic’s serivce wholeheartedly.

  118. Richard Minett

    Excellent customer service. Not a tick box “computer says” response but someone at the other end of the email who reads it and reacts.

  119. Brian Wigham

    I bought the DC 1 as a present for a relative, as I already have one.
    A great piece of kit. Many vehicle drivers notice it, and moderate their driving.

  120. Stephen Bright

    Great Product, Quick Delivery. Well satisfied with my purchase. Many Thank

  121. Lynn Williams

    I’m not very confident with anything technical but was determined to get my camera installed and working. David was so helpful and patient with me, it made the whole experience of getting set up a pleasure. It made me feel I could do it! The result is amazing, absolutely love my camera and looking back at what’s happened. Thank you so much.

  122. Liz Rosindale

    Just bought the techalogic DC1 it was easy to set up for my riding hat. The camera has a great picture back and front. It does take a few ride to get use to it on my riding hat and had to remember to duck under trees in case it came off. But would recommend it

  123. Alan King

    Bought a dc-01 on recommendation of a friend wow. What a great addition to anyone’s arsenal, I’m a motorcycle instructor and there are some plonkers out there. As an ex bike cop I thought I’d seen it all. But now I can show it to others. Thanks guys. Small easy to use, and very effective camera, wouldn’t be without it, and a great backup service..

  124. Gary Jenkins

    The Techalogic DC-1 arrived well packed and everything I ordered was in the box.

  125. Sarah Sanjon

    Excellent service once again

  126. Joe Manson

    Great dual lens camera kit. Damn gud quality video!
    Th kit included everything you need to fit and use in almost any 2 wheeled of 4 legged situation.
    Only 2 downsides…
    The microphone picks up a lot of wind noise.
    Even on a full charge th dual cam setting only runs for about 80 mins. ( On front cam setting it lasts about 2hrs)
    However…all that aside, th customer support is jolly gud! Broken bracket sent out sharpish!
    Would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a decent helmet cam.

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