DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera


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DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera

Please Note – Micro SD Card is not included in the standard kit, but can easily be added to your order below.

  • Micro SD Card (Save Upto £3)

    Provides upto 4.75 Hours of recording storage

    Provides upto 9.5 Hours of recording storage

    Colour Screw Caps (Save £9.95)

    Colour coordinate your DC-1 Camera

    Equestrian Elasticated
    Hat Strap Reflective (Save Upto £5)
    Reflective LED Chest Strap (Save £7)
    Power Bank (Save Upto £1.25)

    Extend the DC-1 battery run time by approximately 12 Hours

    Extend the DC-1 battery run time by approximately 10 hours. Wireless charging for mobile phone only

    Waterproof USB Rubber Pack (Save £3)

    Required for wet weather conditions when using an external Powerbank


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Capture moments, Share life… in both directions

Why record on one “action camera” for 30 minutes when you can record on the DC-1 for 2.5-10 hours FRONT & BACK!?

The DC1 is designed as a safety camera specifically for riders like You.

Dual front and back recording provides you with an all-round record of your ride, ideal for safety purposes, perfect for capturing everything around you.

Review and share your favourite riding moments and choose footage from the front or rear cameras as desired.

Take photos and lockdown important video files with the remote control. Watch and playback footage anywhere, anytime with the free Techalogic WiFi app.

Bundle your camera & SAVE!
You can add your memory card, 3M helmet mounts, our waterproof cable adapter and even our powerbank to create your own bespoke bundle. Save time and money by building your perfect bundle now!

Personalise your DC-1 with a choice of Gold, Green or Orance lens caps.
Co-ordinate with your gear, your bike, or the rug on your beast..horse we mean 😉
Bundle and Save almost 30%!

Mounts & straps included in the box!

Includes: Techalogic DC-1 Camera, Wireless Remote Control, Quick-Release Clip, Main Camera Holder, Non-Slip Silicone Ring, USB Charging Cable, Lens Cleaning Cloth, 3 Types of mounts (Cycle Helmet Strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M Stickers, Elasticated Riding Hat Strap), Angle Bracket, app QR Card, Even an Allen Key to tighten everything up!

Remote Control

A handy remote-control unit is supplied with the camera; so you can quickly take stills or lock-in video moments.

Wear it on your wrist or just mount it somewhere convenient. Its IP67 water rated so its good in any weather

Serene or Extreme!

This dual recording helmet camera is water and dust resistant (IP65 rated) so can handle whatever you throw at it. The DC-1 is built to last.

Great Battery Life

2.5 hours battery recording out of the box and, extend easily with any powerbank – e.g. a low cost 5000 mAh power bank would extend the battery by 7-7.5 hours.

Top Quality but Lightweight

It’s light too. Weighing in at just 104g so you’ll barely notice it’s there and it still records super-sharp HD video thanks to the latest Sony Starvis Exmor Lens.

Packed with features

  • Dual Lens

Worlds first and unique all-in-one dual lens helmet camera designed for your safety when riding

  • SONY Starvis IMX307 Sensor
  • Codec.265

High-sensitivity performance suitable for night filming

  • Seamless Loop Recording

Fit and forget. No need to manage or delete video files. The DC-1 stores video segments in 3/5/10 minute files and once your SD card is full, it will overwrite the oldest files first, but, don’t worry, it will not overwrite any locked files you have generated. The loop record function can be turned off.

  • Easy to Operate

One button control with vibration alert so no having to guess if the camera is on and recording.

  • Battery Duration

1600 mAh Battery capacity gives 2.5 working hours for dual channel recording. Can be easily extended with a powerbank

  • Portable and Convenient

Weighs only 104g. DIY Fitting. Compatible with general action camera mounts

  • Energy-Efficient Detection

Intelligent energy-saving system. Maximises battery duration

  • WiFi Connectivity

Monitor current recording on mobile-phone via WiFi. Download and share files instantly

Fits Multiple Types of helmet… and we include all the fittings you’ll need

Motorcycle, Horseriding, Cycling, Skiing, full-face, peanut, hardhat or posh hat. the DC-1 has options to mount the camera. We include the main types of fittings in the box and as they are universal, there are plenty of ways to mount the camera. Cycle Helmet Strap, Elasticated riding hat strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M Stickers all included.

A great Mobile app Gives you total control

WiFi Connect

  • Simply connect your smartphone to the camera using the FREE app

Live view

  • Check the position of your camera with a live view of the feed


  • Grab your files for editing and see the amazing high-resolution front and rear video straight from the app


  • Upload your files instantly to share your footage whenever you want

Additional information

Memory Size


31 reviews for DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera

  1. David Scott

    Every interaction I have with Techalogic cannot be faulted.
    The 2 way camera I use daily on my commute has been going strong for over a year and the quality is excellent. I use my Techalogic powerbank on longer runs and have no problems.
    I look forward to buying the cycle light camera’s once my current contract is renewed.

  2. Paul

    Brilliant camera, easy to set up and the people at the other end of the telephone are so helpful. Thanks

  3. Kiminia

    This is a follow-up review after I purchased my Hatcam for horse-riding purposes in 2019 (but wasn’t able to use it throughout 2020).

    I have to say that I’m still very pleased with the on-going customer service, even though my hatcam is now well out of warranty! Couldn’t get the camera to record suddenly, so contacted Techalogic for advice – David couldn’t have been more patient and helpful and his advice solved the issue. No pressure to buy a newer version, just help when I needed it.

    I’ve also needed to keep a copy of a very ‘near miss’ while I was riding, a case that the Police are pursuing, so again, my hatcam has been worth its weight in gold!

    Great product, great company and superb customer service – thank you!

  4. Aura Lehtonen

    Love this camera! Quick delivery, easy to use, good battery.

  5. Karl Webster

    Bought the front and rear motorcycle helmet camera and also the battery pack.

    Well impressed with the camera and the quality of video it produces. Currently I have it installed on the side of my helmet rather than the top due to the fact if I need to plug it in to the battery pack the cable will be open to the elements and will be blown about unless it is secured down. It does the job and don’t notice it’s there.
    The battery pack is great, with even a wireless charging function, great for charging my phone, saves me having to carry my phone cable.

    Well impressed with the company and there willingness to help along with a prompt delivery.

    Highly recommended.

  6. Stuart Gosney

    The Techalogic Rear & Front cameras are a great investment. It is fixed on top of my cycle helmet. I normally travel approx 160miles per week on my Mountain Bike. I truly feel safer on the road because drivers of all vehicles are showing much more respect & leaving more room when overtaking. If their is an impatient motorist I turn & look at them & point to the cameras. This makes them think. I have dropped my helmet twice & broken the rear lense & the screw on casing. I re ordered a replacement from the Techalogic spares site. This was delivered within 3 days, so I was highly delighted. I would definately recommend this piece of safety equipment.

  7. Mandy Haxby

    Absolutely love my new camera. So easy to use and the picture quality is excellent. I feel so safe knowing I can record my journey, but also its loads of fun too.
    Also love my hat band and fancy lens covers. I’ve heard people call them expensive, but you get what you pay for and I paid for quality.

  8. Lucia Snudden

    Brilliant camera. Love the quality. Can’t fault it. Lightweight too

  9. Carole K

    I recently contacted Techalogic regarding a snapped DC-1 helmet mount , David at Techalogic , offered a free replacement , which arrived the next day .
    I highly recommend the customer service at Techalogic .
    This is not the first time I have contacted them , they helped me with setting up the camera when I first purchased it .

  10. Emma House

    Easy to deal with when I couldn’t download the files. Picture/ film is good quality. If I was being really critical it would be nice to have an insert to go under the hat mount to tilt it away from the hat so to avoid seeing the hat cover

  11. Joe Lawrence

    I highly commend Techalogic for it’s excellent customer care. I purchased a cycle camera from them 9 months ago (DC-1 / it takes video looking forwards and from behind). It’s a great little camera and performed well and produces great video.

    Because of something I had done it started to turn itself off after two or three minutes (it turns out that I must have turned on the Power Save mode in the settings by mistake). I contacted them about the trouble I was having and after a couple of emails explaining what was occurring they asked me to return it to them so they could check it over. This I did and had the camera returned back to me all fixed and in a turn around of five days.

    An email from Dave explained the checks he had made (inc. the power save mode alteration) and that they had tested it for 2.5 hrs with no issues. They also updated the firmware for me and replaced a broken usb cover. Although I may have been the cause of the problem they made no charge for this service.

    The customer service I received was really first class with excellent communication via email and a very quick turnaround.

    It is service like this that builds confidence and I recommend them for both product and follow up.

  12. Vivienne Woodgate

    I’m new to this technology. Finally found where the videos are. Excellent shots but lots to learn about editing, saving and downloading etc…and being patient when attempting to connect to wifi. I like the compact cameras.

  13. Yannick Read

    Early days but so far extremely pleased with the camera. I bought to use on my motorbike and bicycle. Easy to set up and operate via Viidure App. Footage from motorbike is very
    good and will try the bicycle soon.

  14. Paul Bennett

    Brilliant headcam to use whilst riding a horse, slight difficulty in using the app to snip videos but generally a good piece of equipment. Very good customer service

  15. AS

    Great little camera only slight concern is micro usb card slot the cover doesn’t clear the slot so card difficult to remove.

  16. Andy Green

    Great unit.

  17. Sallyanne Burdon

    Product is great – easy to use and great images/recording.

  18. Heather Jones

    My husband purchased the TechalogicDC1 camera for me Jan 21, its brilliant as records forward and back, so great for riding cross country and catching your pals on funrides. I have also found it invaluable for hacking on the local roads, as will catch irresponsible road users, particularly now with the new highway code laws.

    I had an issue with the camera turning off last year, I had immediate support off David from Techalogic, it was just a firmware update that needed doing. Also, have been out of action for a few months and on going to use it, lights were flashing and I didn’t know what to do. Once again, David sorted the problem, which was just a reformatting of the memory card, in fact sent me a formatted, updated card and when inserted worked straight away. So I would say these were more user not being that technically minded than the camera. Cannot fault post sale support even 16 months on. Get yourself the camera you will not be disappointed, easy to load vids on to an app too, even make my own movies!

  19. Rees

    Great camera, easy to mount and comes with various helmet fittings. Video resolution more than adequate. Highly recommended for all cyclists as very lightweight

  20. Rosie Warrington

    Excellent service. Quick delivery?

  21. Jane Hubart

    Love this product, can highly recommend for horse riders
    Customer service is brilliant
    Replaced my broken item without hesitation, very speedy response, very fast delivery.
    Personal service
    This company actually look at customer reviews and feedback and respond

  22. Wozniac Zenon

    The best double lens camera on the market in my opinion with clear and sharp images/. Very light and easy to use with many features.

  23. Ant Shepard


  24. Ken

    Very impressed so far. I bought front and rear camera to use on my bike. Was sceptical as I’d tried other more expensive brands and it the quality had not been good enough.

    With these, the image is very clear. I’ve only used them for a few weeks, but if these are durable, then I will be very happy in a year’s time.

  25. George Haririan

    Great camera , brilliant picture quality band battery .

  26. Roy Whiston

    Excellent service and excellent product!
    You’d be amazed at the space other road users give me when they see the RoadCam!

  27. Charles Kernahan

    Like the product, but the instructions are a bit basic and sparse

  28. Nigel Cattle

    Bought the DC-dual front / back camera after reading several great reviews. I’ve had a good many close passes recently and wanted a camera as both a deterrent and for evidence. Only been out twice with the DC-1 and the performance is great, with the optional water resistant USB lead and an external power bank it recorded the whole of my 6 hour plus Ride London Essex 100. If you want an action camera there are better options but this does what I want perfectly. Brilliant service from Techalogic too, price as low as anywhere else and super speedy delivery. I’m really impressed!

  29. Anne Dawson

    Great camera , would love a booklet to help set it up, rather than trying to read it on line, as i am not able to print

  30. Simone Haworth

    5 stars
    Value for money
    5 stars
    DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera
    So light that you forget it’s there. A great piece of kit

  31. Tilly Sour

    Speedy delivery, great quality camera

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