Cycling Cameras

Cycling Cameras

Cycling cameras are widely utilised by riders due to the important safety aspect. Most cycling accidents do happen from behind, so it’s especially important to have coverage front and back coverage. Police and authorities can use the footage as evidence of the incident, a key reason why you should invest in a high-quality and fit-for-purpose solution.

We offer two styles of bicycle cameras to suit your preference – a helmet camera and a seat/bar mount.

Our cycling cameras are the perfect choice to give you confidence on your bicycle journeys. All our cameras are robust yet lightweight, so you don’t even notice they are there.

In poor weather and light especially, our CR-1/CF-1 come with a useful light so you can be clearly seen by road users.  This added safety benefit, as well as crisp and clear camera footage to record your journey gives you reassurance and peace of mind.

We also offer accessories to get the most out your camera, from SD cards to coloured screw caps and reflective chest straps. Create a bundle when ordering your camera and save almost 30%!

Our DC-1 Cycling Safety Camera

The DC-1 helmet cycling camera is our bestseller, with a wide angel lens front and back, and 1080p video quality. It clearly displays numberplates and the general environment making it a hit with cyclists at all levels.

With a simple switch to turn on/off before you set off and long battery life, it is ideal to record all around your daily commute or add one of our power banks for an extended weekend cycle.

Our mobile app allows you to review and share footage easily to social media and adjust the settings/quality.

The camera also comes with a useful wrist remote, with the option to extract an emergency section of footage out ready if needed and capture a photo with ease.

Cyclists have cameras to mainly capture evidence of an incident or accident that may have occurred whilst out on a bike ride. It can also be used to give riders a view of landscapes around them, improve their cycling ability and enables them to share their joy of riding with others.

The advantages of riding with a cycling helmet camera are:

Accident evidence should you need it.

Capture footage of some amazing scenery you may have come across.

Improve your cycling ability

Deter drivers from acting badly towards you.

Create awareness of some of the issues cyclists may face.

The cameras that are best for bike riding are ones that have good quality footage, a helmet or frame mount, and ones with a good battery life.

All our helmet cameras come with main mounts to enable you to fix the camera to your cycle helmet. We offer a full user guide on how to do this, and have a number of tutorial videos that demonstrate how to mount the camera.

Our helmet cameras are safe, we include the main mounts in our kits to enable you to fix the cameras to your helmet safely and securely.

XV-1 2K QHD Helmet Camera

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cyclist helmet camera

Advantages of Using Cycling Safety Cameras

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Woman sitting on her horse and wearing XV-1 2K QHD Helmet Camera

Helmet cameras: Who Needs One

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cyclist helmet camera

Motorist Pleads Guilty To Careless Driving Thanks to Operation Snap Video Submission

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