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Front View Camera

Safety on the road is paramount, especially when you are a vulnerable road user.

A front view camera can help capture much-needed evidence if the worst happens and a bike ride goes wrong. They can also provide footage of your action rides that you can share with friends.

Most front-facing cameras are much like dash cams for cars, they are placed at the front and record all that the rider will see.

Our products are not just for cycling, our front-facing cameras are popular for horse riders and motorcyclists as well.

They can easily be fitted to the front of a bike or a chest strap or helmet on a horse rider.

Look for ones with a loop recording setting, this will record your ride throughout the duration of the battery life and will continue to override until you choose to archive.

Front View Cameras Available at Techalogic

The CF-1 light brings 400 lumens and 6 light modes ensuring you are seen, with a full 1080P HD camera you can rely on the ultimate visibility from your front view camera. This camera also comes with a G sensor to automatically record and save any footage should an accident occur. It can be mounted to the helmet, chest, or handlebars.

Rear and Front View Cameras

What could be better than having the front and the rear view covered so that if an accident occurs you have full coverage, which could prove to be a fundamental piece of equipment that will benefit your safety. As soon as a driver spots a camera, they are inclined to be more careful as they know they could be held accountable.

The CF-1 front view camera and the CR-1 rear view camera are the perfect combination for cyclists and horse riders. Both are fully integrated with lights and a full HD 1080P wide-angle camera and have up to 7 hours of battery life.

We also offer a CF-1 & CR-1 promotional discount if you buy them both together!

CF-1 FRONT LIGHT with Integrated Full HD 1080P Wide Angle Camera |

Original price was: £104.95.Current price is: £99.95.

CR-1 REAR LIGHT With Integrated Full HD 1080P WIDE ANGLE CAMERA | Rear cycle camera

Original price was: £104.95.Current price is: £99.95.

Front and Dual Helmet Cameras

The XV-1 helmet camera offers 2K QHD recording to keep your front view secured with crisp footage. Simply attach to your helmet and keep an extra pair of eyes on the road ahead.

Th HC-1 is the ultimate solution for riders who want a high-quality, lightweight camera that can be mounted on any riding hat, motorcycle, or cycle helmet. 

The DC-1 and DC-2 Pro dual-lens helmet cameras will provide all-round coverage of your ride, whether you are on a bike or a horse. These are perfect for capturing everything around you. They are ideal for safety purposes and evidence should the worst happen and great for capturing your favourite riding moments.

They can be easily fixed using a bracket to your cycling or riding helmet.

DC-2 Pro Dual lens Helmet Camera
DC-2 Pro Dual Lens Helmet Camera


DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera
DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera

Original price was: £198.95.Current price is: £189.95.

DC-2 Pro Dual lens Helmet Camera
XV-1 1080HD Single Lens Helmet Camera


DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera
HC-1 QHD 2K Helmet Camera

Original price was: £159.95.Current price is: £149.95.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a front camera a good idea?
Yes! A front camera can capture evidence in an accident, record exciting footage of your rides and adventures, it can also deter bike/rider bullies, once drivers see the camera they tend to behave better as they know they can be held accountable.
How long will it take for my front camera to be delivered?
If you order before 12pm on a weekday, it will be dispatched the same day, orders after 12pm will be sent the day after. (Excluding weekends and bank holidays)
Can the front camera take photos?
Yes, simply select the photo mode, once selected the camera will take approximately 1 photo every second.


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