Helmet cameras are perfect for capturing the driver's eye view of the road, and on today’s busy roads are becoming increasingly popular.

A helmet camera is a worthwhile investment for your own personal safety, it can record any incidents that may occur and affect your ride, you can also relive and share your adventures and memories which can then be shared with friends or on social media.

Should the worst happen, and an accident occur, good quality recordings can be a key piece of evidence for the police and insurance companies providing footage of the incident that has occurred.

Our dual helmet cameras can be used for motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists.

A good dual helmet camera should have a good battery life and good quality video, it should clearly be able to display number plates and the surrounding areas.

It should Lightweight, yet robust and weatherproof to cope with the ever-changing seasons.

Our Selection Of Helmet Cameras

DC-1 Dual lens helmet camera

The DC-1 dual-lens helmet camera is designed as a safety camera, especially for motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists to help keep you safe on the road. It will capture all your riding moments and any incidents should they occur. With the extended power bank, you can extend the recording time up to 7.5 hours extra (2.5 without)


Included in the DC-1 package you will get:

  • Techalogic DC-1 camera
  • Wireless remote control
  • Quick release clip, main camera holder
  • Non-slip silicone ring
  • USB charging cable
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • 3 types of mounts (cycle helmet strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M stickers, Elasticated riding strap)
  • Angle bracket
  • App QR card.

XV-1 2K QHD Helmet Camera

The XV-1 helmet camera is designed as a safety camera for motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists. It is water and dust resistant, built to last and weatherproof, it can handle whatever you throw at it.

It gives 3.5 to 4 hours recording time, extend this easily by 10 hours with a power bank. It is lightweight at 95g.


Packed with features such as:

  • Sony Starvis IMX307 sensor
  • Codec.265, seamless loop recording
  • Two button control
  • Portable and convenient and Wi-Fi connectivity.


A dual helmet camera is great for Motorcyclists, Cyclists and Equestrian Riders to improve their safety on the road. The DC-1 and XV-1, are both packed with many features, ensuring if the rider was involved in an accident that wasn't their fault, they have enough evidence to support them.

The cameras include front and back recording will all-round record of your ride, perfect for safety and capturing all your riding adventures.

Legally a camera must be fixed to a helmet using a bracket. No holes can be drilled into the helmet.

A helmet camera can protect you in cases of road rage, can be evidence in an accident, helping prove negligence and fault, and of course, capture your rides and some amazing footage.

In the UK, the laws for cyclist safety have been improving however, many cyclists still feel unsafe on the roads. Sadly, it is estimated a cyclist is more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than a car driver. Therefore, investing in the ride security products like a helmet dual camera will improve the safety of the rider. 

For Equestrian Riders, riding a horse requires a lot of skill, time and patience if a reckless driver was to speed past, this can distress the horse and potentially cause harm to the horse and rider. Therefore, it is essential to own a rear-view camera which can record a clear view of a registration plate.