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Exciting News for DC-2 Pro Camera Owners: New Firmware Update Available!

26th September, 2023 | Product Updates

Attention, DC-2 Pro camera owners! We’re thrilled to bring you some fantastic news that will take your videography experience to the next level. A brand-new firmware update is now available for your DC-2 Pro camera, and it comes packed with two exciting enhancements and improvements.

What’s New in the Firmware Update?

GPS Mapping Update

We’ve listened to your feedback. The firmware update will change GPS mapping from kilometers per hour (kph) to miles per hour (mph), making it even easier to navigate and understand speed-related data while capturing your adventures.

Mirror Flip Rear View

Another exciting addition to the firmware is the ability to mirror flip the rear view on the DC-2 Pro. This means you can now use your camera as a rear-view mirror, providing an extra layer of safety and convenience during your journeys.

We’re committed to continually enhancing your camera experience, and your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of cameras from Techalogic.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this latest firmware update. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your DC-2 Pro camera and capture stunning moments like never before. Happy shooting!

How to Update Your DC-2 Pro Camera’s Firmware


Step 1


Step 2

Insert the Micro SD into your computer and open it to the first page (called the root level)


Step 2

Insert the Micro SD into your computer and open it to the first page (called the root level)


Step 3

Copy the FW96670A.bin file onto the root level of your Micro SD card.(Note – The file name should match the .bin name exactly. If you have downloaded the file before your computer may change the file to include a number i.e. FW96670A.bin(2) If this happens amend and remove the number).


Step 4

Safely eject your SD card from your computer.


Step 5

Place the SD card into your DC-2 Pro Camera and power on. Please wait for it to automatically update itself. The light/s will flash erratically for a short while. Once the lights are steady again the update is complete.


Step 6

Now navigate to the settings menu in the App and check the firmware version to ensure the firmware has been successfully updated. The current firmware version number is listed on our support page next to where you downloaded the .bin file.


Step 7

Finally once updated successfully delete the .bin file from the sd card otherwise the camera will update every time you power it on.

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