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What Cameras are Best for Horse Riding?

7th December, 2022 | Equestrian, News

The Techalogic range is comprised of a variety of helmet cameras suitable for cyclists, motorcyclists, road scooter riders, and equestrians.

Our Techalogic cameras are designed to accompany some of the most vulnerable road users on their journeys, providing real-time recordings to help protect vulnerable road users from eventualities such as:

  • Road incidents
  • Wrongful accusations
  • Other road users


Other benefits:

  • Record footage of drives/rides/journeys
  • Capture memories
  • Record vlogs or other video footage to be used personally

Our Techalogic cameras fit comfortably onto various helmets to provide road users with a dash camera that can be mounted to your person for convenience. It is reported that road accidents featuring equestrians are worryingly prevalent, with figures from 2019-2020 showing that there were 80 horses killed and a further 136 injured.

Of the reported incidents, 40% occurred because a vehicle passed by too quickly while 81% happened because cars passed too close to horses. A shocking 43% of riders also reported road rage or abuse from other road users.


Do I need an equestrian helmet camera?

A dash camera in a car is an incredibly common sight, with growing numbers of drivers turning to dash cams to provide them with an additional layer of safety when driving. However, the alternative for other road users, such as equestrians, is a helmet camera.

At Techalogic, we have a variety of equestrian cameras to suit all riders and their unique requirements.


Which camera is best for horse riding?

HC-1 2K Helmet Camera:

The HC-1 is one of our most recently released helmet cameras and has been designed by us for riders that require a high-quality camera that is also lightweight and easy to mount without obstructing your view or weighing you down.

The HC-1 can be easily attached to almost any horse-riding hat, motorcycle helmet or cycling helmet, and is compatible with a variety of mounts supplied by us. It has a brilliant run time of 2.5 hours and a host of other features including loop recording, IP65 waterproof rating, easy to use, and so much more.


DC-1 Dual Lens:

The DC-1 is an impressive dual lens helmet camera that offers front and rear recording to keep an all-around record of your ride. A dual lens camera is perfect for reliable recording, providing valuable footage of the front and back of your rides, capturing everything around you.

For riders looking for a camera that can capture everything and protect you from other road users’ negligence, the DC-1 is ideal. It fits comfortably onto a motorcycle, horse riding, cycling, skiing, full-face, peanut, hard hat or other helmets. Additionally, the DC-1 has a host of other features, while also small and lightweight to mount to your helmet for additional support when riding on the roads.


CR-1 Rear & Light:

The CR-1 is a slightly less common type of camera that records from the rear angle, with a built-in light for added visibility when riding on roads, especially at night. The CR-1 attaches to the back of your respective helmet via the mounting options and using an elasticated helmet strap. Fitting snugly to the back of your helmet, the CR-1 can reliably record everything around you from the rear angle.

The built-in light brings 60 lumens and 6 light modes to ensure you are visible from behind at all times. The DC-1 records in 1080p quality and also has a built-in G sensor to automatically save any footage in the event of an accident.


CF-1 Front & Light:

Like the rear version, CR-1, the CF-1 offers the same useful features, but records from the front.

Fitted exactly the same as the rear version, the CF-1 can be fitted to the front of your helmet, providing recording in 1080p, 400 lumens and 6 light modes to ensure you’re always visible.



The XV-1 helmet camera is a specially designed helmet camera for riders looking for a high-quality camera that can fit comfortably to their helmet without weighing down. The XV-1 is water and dust-resistant, ready to handle whatever comes its way and still offer you reliable recording.

The XV-1 also has a fantastic battery life, and records in 2k @30fps, or full 1080 HD @ 60 fps and can be easily mounted to your helmet for easy recording as the perfect partner for your rides.


Every equestrian could benefit from having an equestrian helmet camera fitted when riding on the roads. Despite changes to the highway code and efforts from the British Horse Society to make the roads safer for horses and riders, having a helmet camera fitted can be a really useful tool if the worst were to happen. Ensure you can prove any wrongdoing, protect yourself and prosecute if need be.

For more information about our equestrian dash cams, or any specific features, please get in touch today.

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