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Techalogic Supporting The Pass Wide and Slow National Campaign

3rd October, 2022 | Equestrian

On Sunday 18th September Techalogic walked alongside riders for a Pass Wide and Slow national campaign.


Pass wide and slow equestrian riders

What is the national campaign?


The national campaign aims to reduce the number of accidents involving horses, cyclists and motorcyclists, by raising awareness on how to pass these vulnerable road users wide and slow. This year’s ride-outs are more important than ever, due to the change in highway code. Supporters on foot held banners with an eye-catching image stating the new rules. Debbie Smith is the co-founder of Pass Wide and Slow which has 33,237 members.

Over 200 rides are due to take place across the country. This specific ride consisted of 19 riders and horses 10 on foot and 3 dogs. Anyone of any age can support these ride-outs. Little Rosie is just 2 and a half years old and with support from her grandparents, was on board a 22-year-old Pony, together they were adorable and really kept energy levels high within the group. The atmosphere was incredible, and it was great to see drivers being patient and taking in what the ride-out was trying to establish. There was a real sense of togetherness and support within the community.



pass wide and slow awareness for drivers



It has become apparent that riders feel frustrated and unheard. These ride-outs allow them to speak out and get their message out there. Near enough every rider we have spoken to has been subject to a vehicle passing at speed too closely, which has unfortunately in some cases resulted in an accident and injury. They do not expect vehicles to stop, just simply pass at a 2-meter distance and no more than 10 miles an hour. I am sure we can all agree that this is not a big ask.



Protecting yourself


It was great to see so many riders using a helmet camera, specifically the Techalogic DC-1. The DC-1 is a dual-lens camera and is highly recommended within the horse-riding community. Having a hat cam allows the rider to record front and back, and clearly captures the number plates of any dangerous driver. All incidents concerning equestrian road users should be reported to the British Horse Society and the Police. Sadly, this is not always the case. An incident of verbal abuse, uncontrolled dogs, impatient drivers, and passing at speed to name a few can easily be reported via the new British Horse Society app Horse-i. This goes towards a national database and can help pinpoint locations that require further investigation or action by the Police. If you are thinking of getting yourself an equestrian hat cam or cycling hat cam then take a look at the Techalogic equestrian page to find out more.




Next time you pass a vulnerable road user, think, and take your time to pass. Horses especially, react to noise and stressful situations and can trigger them into unpredicted reactions, which could put the horse, the rider and the driver passing at serious risk of injury. By putting the highway code into practice drivers can prevent accidents and carry on our journey safely with a smile on our faces.


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