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Everything you should know about our CF-1 front and CR-1 rear cameras

25th May, 2022 | Cycling, Equestrian

Safety on the road is important and for the more vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, horse riders and even motorcyclists, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Protective gear is obviously crucial, but a camera can be a fundamental piece of equipment that will benefit your safety if you’re ever involved in an incident.

Footage captured from a more vulnerable road user’s perspective can provide valuable evidence in an insurance claim or court case to show what truly happened. Helmet cams and front and rear cycling cameras also provide an array of different benefits to road users too.

Our motto at Techalogic is to create tech products that just make sense; we’re a company focused on bringing safety-related technology that can protect cyclists while they’re out on the UK roads.

We offer cycling and equestrian cameras that are the perfect choice to give you confidence on your rides. All our cameras are robust, lightweight, and have an array of additional features that are designed with safety and simplicity in mind.


The CF-1 front bike camera

The Techalogic CF-1 front bike camera comes with a HD wide angle with a 1080p HD camera, designed to provide high-quality footage to record the road ahead.

Online road safety reviewer Neil Gander mentions that “the camera is easy to use, producing decent images for incident/accident duties and runs for over five hours with everything on.”

This unique front bike camera can be mounted directly to the handlebars of a bike and can also be used in other disciplines such as motorsport or horse riding.

Other features include:

  • Internal mic to capture good quality audio
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Includes a photo mode
  • Wide angle 120-degree lens
  • In-built Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Loop recording
  • G sensor option for added safety
  • Can be helmet or chest mounted

The CF-1 front camera also includes a 400 lumen LED light with 6 different light modes, to keep visibility high during evening or night rides. It’s water and shock-resistant, providing additional protection in the event of an accident. This camera can be used in cycling and horse riding.

This exclusive front camera for your bike has also been called “a good commuting accessory”.


CR-1 Rear cycle camera

“The Techalogic CR-1 Rear light bicycle camera is a decent – if not class leading – light and camera for safety use,” said Neil Gander.

Our easy-to-use rear bike camera speaks for itself. It can also be used in horse riding.

Designed to be mounted on the back of a bicycle, this rear camera is compact and features an integrated light with 6 modes for improved visibility from behind.

Added features of the rear cycle camera include:

  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Internal mic
  • In-built Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Battery time of up to 7 hours
  • Weather and shock-resistant
  • G sensor for incident recording
  • Micro USB charging

Our Techalogic cameras are designed with safety first. All our front and rear cycling and equestrian cameras provide clear and concise recordings of your surroundings to not only provide high-quality footage but also keep you safe where it counts most – out on the road.

“I thought the pictures were remarkably stable given that bike-mounted cameras are prone to vibration.” One reviewer stated, adding that “pausing on random frames in playback, I always got a sharp enough image; even at speed downhill it let me read the number plate of every car that passed.”

The CR-1 rear bicycle camera is complemented by the CF-1 front bike camera, both being a no-fuss option for keeping yourself safer on the roads at a very reasonable price.


Customer service at Techalogic

Here at Techalogic, our job does not end once you’ve purchased a product. We are always on hand to listen to feedback and work with our customers until they’re happy. We pride ourselves on our after sales and customer service.

An anonymous Amazon reviewer said about the CR-1 rear cycle camera: “I had a few questions for support and these were all answered on the same day. It is a revelation to have a UK based company providing support… I plan to get the equivalent front bike light with camera.”

With our experience and expertise in cycling safety cameras, Techalogic’s exceptional front and rear cycling cameras are designed to be simple and straightforward to use at an affordable price. With excellent features and high-quality video, we have road safety for all users in mind with our designs. Both of the cameras above can be used to keep both horse and rider safe also.

Browse our extensive range of additional mounts, accessories, and other cameras available on our website or contact us if you have a question about one of our products.

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