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Equestrian hat cameras suitable for horse riders

9th May, 2022 | Equestrian

An equestrian hat camera will not just capture those memorable hacking moments but also provide useful video footage in the event of any incident or accident.

As we know dash cameras are widely used in cars, vans and trucks, wearing a camera when you are riding is also a good idea and here at Techalogic we encourage it for your own and your horse’s safety.

Hacking out on the road can be stressful, and now a good helmet camera will record encounters with other road users, as well as capture great memories to share with friends and family.

‘Your Horse Magazine’ have put together a number of features you should consider when comparing suitable cameras. A summary is below, for the full edition –


What to look for in an equestrian hat camera

Size and weight

Having a heavy camera on your riding hat is going to be uncomfortable when used over time, it could also affect your balance. Go for a camera that’s lightweight and compact, so you will be comfortable you’re less likely to notice it on your riding hat.



Selecting a camera that is tough and will stand up to being exposed to the elements of horse riding and dirt should be considered.


While a waterproof camera isn’t essential— with our British weather it could be a good idea, you can use it in all weathers and don’t have to worry about it getting wet and no longer working.


There are currently very few cameras that are made specifically for riding hats. Many cameras come with a bunch of accessories, including straps that you can use to secure the camera to your hat. Our Techalogic Dc-1 Dual Lens helmet camera is specifically designed for riders, and we have put full details of Your Horses review below.

Battery life

Another thing to think about is the battery life. You don’t want it to run out half way through a ride.


Your Horse Overview of the Techalogic DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera


The DC1 is designed as a safety camera specifically for riders. It features dual front and back recording for an all-round recording of your ride and records super-sharp HD video that’s easy to edit thanks to the latest Sony Starvis Exmor Sensor.

It can also take photos and you can watch and playback footage with the Techalogic WiFi app. This camera is water and dust resistant and records for up to 2.5 hours.

It weighs just 104g and is held securely in place by an elasticated hat strap.

Pink Equestrian Elasticated Hat Strap Reflective

Techalogic Horse Riding Cameras

If the DC-1 Dual doesn’t suit your needs as an equestrian, take a look at our other horse riding cameras to keep you safe as a road user:


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