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Best Accessories for your DC-1

7th December, 2022 | Cycling, E-Scooters, Equestrian, Motorcycling, News

The DC-1 camera is just one of the brilliant cameras created and stocked by Techalogic.


The Techalogic DC-1 is perfect for lots of uses, especially for the more vulnerable road users such as:


The DC-1 is your perfect safety companion for when driving, or riding on the roads, ensuring you always have a reliable camera attached to your person recording what goes on around you. Your DC-1 helmet camera can be attached to your helmet or riding hat, usually on the side and provides real time recording of everything that unfolds around you.

Having a helmet camera ensures that you have reliable footage to support any claims you make against other unsafe road users, drivers, or cyclists. It will also support you if you are wrongfully accused of anything by another road user.

Aside from safety measures, having a helmet camera can also provide you with footage of your journeys and rides to be used for personal media, improving technique, and much more. The DC-1 has a huge variety of uses and is the perfect safety companion for anyone looking to enhance their rides, cycles, or motorcycle journeys.


The Features:

  • Great battery life (2.5 hours recording time)
  • Top quality
  • Lightweight
  • Remote control operational
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy-efficient detection
  • Dual recording for front and rear
  • App compatible


DC-1 Dual Lens Helmet Camera Accessories



In the box:

Techalogic DC-1 Camera, Wireless Remote Control, Quick-Release Clip, Main Camera Holder, Non-Slip Silicone Ring, USB Charging Cable, Lens Cleaning Cloth, 3 Types of mounts (Cycle Helmet Strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M Stickers, Elasticated Riding Hat Strap), Angle Bracket, app QR Card, even an Allen Key to tighten everything up!




Accessories for your DC-1

To further enhance your experience with your DC-1, you can purchase a range of accessories to make your experience using the DC-1 easier and more unique.

To personalise your DC-1, you can coordinate colour schemes withcoloured screw lens caps, available in gold, green or orange to be matched with your gear, bike, or your horse’s rug.

To move your DC-1 and mount in an alternate position, you can purchase a CNC metal bar mount, available in sizes smalland large to be mounted on a bar or alternate mounting method. Other mounting methods includeflat mountswith a 3M pad.

To maintain mounting on your helmet, you can purchase a cycle helmet strap suitable for many variations of a cycle helmet. And for horse riding hats, you can purchase an elasticated hat strap that is compatible with all Techalogic cameras.

Alternatively, for more visibility on night rides, or just in general, we also stock an elasticated equestrian hat strap that has reflectors on to maintain visibility.

For continuous power when on the move, we have a waterproof USB rubber pack that includes a USB socket plug and a USB cable sheath that creates a weatherproof seal for you to safely use your DC-1 continuously without interruption.


Other accessories

Every camera requires a memory card to provide effective and reliable recording. Your DC-1 will require a memory card to support recording and at Techalogic, we stock micro SD cards in sizes of 64GB and 128GB.

For more enhanced visibility, utilise a reflective LED chest strapto maintain visibility on the roads, at night, and in general.


For more information on our DC-1, or specialist advice on mounting, purchasing or using your brand new DC-1, please get in touch directly.

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