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Featured on ITV News!

7th December, 2021 | News

Techalogic has been featured on ITV News

The article, the link for which can be found below, is titled “Cyclists to wear camera in new trial aiming to catch dangerous drivers on camera in Devon””

Link Here

It details how cyclists across the Devon area are going to be sporting helmet- mounted cameras in an attempt to catch dangerous drivers and how this new trial is aimed at improving safety for cyclists.

Any recordings will then be uploaded to the Police Operation Snap dashcam portal for Devon and Cornwall.

The County Council for Devon has even enlisted help from Exeter bike cycling charity “Ride On” along with the Exeter Cycle Campaign, the MET office, RD&E Hospital and Exeter Science Park in order to launch the scheme.

Operation Snap was started in August 2020 in response to the increasing number of video and photographic evidence being presented to the Police from members of the public, and cyclists in particular, in regards to driving offences. 

The article details that if the scheme is successful then it will be expanded into other areas.

In between the trial being started and the article being written, Operation Snap had received 195 submissions from cyclists and police have now been able to be more proactive in more than half of the cases passed to them.

Stuart Hughes, who is the Devon County Council cabinet member for highway management said the following: “This trial is being undertaken because we’ve seen lots of reports of motorists not knowing the safe distance to leave when overtaking cyclists and they pass too close to them.

If they’ve [the cyclists] witnessed driving that’s dangerous, they have the reassurance that they can upload their footage to Operation Snap.

The cameras look like helmet-mounted lights, so they’re not particularly noticeable, but we want motorists to know that close passes are potentially being recorded.

We don’t want this to be confrontational- we’re hoping it prompts everyone to think about other on the roads and leads to safer roads for us all.”

Ride On spokesperson, Sam White, told ITV that he had been using a camera when cycling for a few weeks and believes it to be a valuable tool to record some of the dangers that cyclists face from drivers.

Richard Kent- Woolsey who is manager of force road traffic collisions and tickets and prosecutes offenders in the Devon and Cornwall area on behalf of the police told ITV that “Cyclists continue to be a significant contributor to Devon & Cornwall Police Operation Snap and in the last six months police have been able to take positive action with 112 cases that would otherwise have been missed.

I thank all those that have taken time to upload their footage to Operation Snap and helping to make our roads a safer place”

You can view a Techalogic cyclist camera on the ITV website by clicking the link above.

Techalogic cameras have, of course, become a lot more streamlined since this article was published and there is now a variety of cameras based on how and where you wish to wear your camera.

Some Techalogic cameras record both front and back, while others record just the one way.

Techalogic, also, offer a wide array of accessories that you may or may not need when you purchase your product. There is no obligation to purchase any of these, however you are given a helpful reminder that you might need them.

Accessories such a Micro SD Card to store your recordings. You have the option to have this in either 64GB or 128GB and these come from a trusted supplier.

There is, also, the reflective chest strap, if this is how and where you wish to wear the camera. As it is reflective it, also, raises awareness to others of your presence on the road. These chest straps are available in orange reflective, pink reflective or green reflective.

Buyers, also, have the option of purchasing a CNC Handle Bar Stem Mount. This way the camera can be fitted to the camera and the rider can, for all intensive purposes, forget about it, or at the very least not be concerned with it.

Along with all the products, Techalogic offer ongoing support, along with their support page on their website which has an online user manual for each product. Details of the warranty can, also, be found on this page. Each product is offered with a 12 month warranty so if a purchaser has any kind of problem with their product within the first year from purchase then Techalogic will be there on hand to help.

Techalogic, along with being featured on ITV news, have become the go to supplier for cycling camera, motorcycle cameras, equestrian cameras and dashcams. When it comes to movement, safety and cameras, Techalogic are the “go to” brand with their name literally coming from the meaning “Logical Tech”, it really is no wonder.

This is a brand that is customer focused and constantly innovating. Techalogic listen to what their customers are saying and take feedback on board. They are currently working on new models of their cameras based on customer feedback, this, however, does not make their previous versions obsolete by any means. Their cameras should be a staple requirement for any cyclist as they get ready to go out on their bike. While a camera phone maybe easy to slide into a pocket, it is not so easy to use should trouble occur while the bike is in operation. These cameras are the easiest way to catch any problems, law breakers or troublemakers without having to take hands off the handlebar.

Techalogic, also, pride themselves on after sales and customer service. They do not want to lose the personal touch that they have with customers. They state on their website “Our philosophy is to create tech products that just make sense.” Consumers can see that Techologic products do make sense and this is why Steve and Jas, founders of the company, are leading the way in the industry.

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