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Raising awareness of “Pass Wide & Slow”

7th December, 2021 | News, Equestrian

Every horse rider knows that any vehicle should pass wide and slow, but do the drivers?

On 19th September 2021, the PWAS (Pass event was deemed to be the most successful yet according to Horse and Hound magazine with hundreds of riders taking to the roads, receiving support from their local councillors along with police forces as well as walkers, cyclists, and bikers.

The event was posted on Facebook by the organiser and while there were more positive comments than negative, there were, shockingly, still negative comments. This beggars the question, do drivers know that they should be giving horses plenty of space and not going at excessive speeds when they pass anyone from the equestrian community.

To everyone in the equine community this is common sense, however, common sense is becoming increasingly uncommon and more and more videos of drivers who seem to be unaware of PWAS have been surfacing over years. Even more concerning though, is the videos of drivers who are downright aggressive.

With the advent of the camera phone and its increasing availability to members of the public, horse riders are usually equipped with this when they are hacking out. This is good practice as any rider will attest, equine accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, with or without a vehicle present and the ability to call for help is a much-needed necessity that one wonders how we coped with hacking out without mobile phones before their increase in popularity and availability.

There is another added benefit to keeping your camera phone on you while you are riding out though. Should a vehicle start to become a problem for you, you can start to record them, provided your horse is staying steady, and then, later, you can liaise with friends and family to make them aware of this problem vehicle and see if any of them happen to know the driver.

As I am sure horse riders are aware though, your horse will not always stay steady or you may feel it is at risk of reacting suddenly and in some instances you, as the rider, simply need to concentrate on ensuring that your horse keeps moving in the direction and at the pace you have set, whether that be walking, trotting, or cantering or galloping. Riders often know their horse well and can feel when the horse is about to react, however, there will be occasions that a horse’s reaction will be sudden and unanticipated which is why riders need to remain vigilant and concentrate on their horse all the time.

This is the beauty of the cameras offered by Techalogic for the equine community. Techalogic have a variety of cameras to suit an individual’s preferences, however, they are, ultimately, all hands free.

Some cameras, like the XV series attach to a strap that goes on the rider’s riding hat and sit to the edge of the helmet and record both front and rear vantages. This camera, records great quality even in low lights, making it ideal for the winter months.

The CF series can sit on the front and/ or back, depending on if the rider opts for one or two cameras of either the rider’s helmet or chest strap depending on the rider’s preference. Either way, it is another lightweight camera which has been brought to you by a company that focuses on delivering high-quality technology which is dedicated to keeping you safe on the roads.

The DC dual lens camera is another camera that attaches to the rider’s helmet and, like the XV series, captures front and rear views. What’s more, it comes with an “emergency button” for easy to activate recording.

All the above cameras can by synced with an application that’s free to use on your mobile phone and you can store collected content on here.

Techalogic do not stop there though, the have thought of everything that you might need for your new riding camera.

Techalogic give you the option to purchase a memory card, which you will need for your camera, while keeping the price reasonable.

Powerbanks are, also, an option, giving your camera extra run time. If you anticipate that you are going to be out and about for longer than usual than a powerbank is a must. Techalogic offer two, one is 10,000Mah, meaning that you get more “juice” out of it. The other is 8000Mah but offers wireless charging. Again, this is offered at a reasonable price.

For the DC series you have a wide variety of accessories to choose from. You can even choose coloured caps to go on your camera if you have a particular colour theme that you adhere to. There are various mounts and straps to suit your preference as to how and where the camera will sit along with charging cables and remotes.

For the XV series, you will find similar less the charging cable.

For the CF and CR series there are a variety of mounts and straps. These two cameras go hand in hand and when bought together the customer can make a significant saving. On top of this, when accessories are purchased at the same time as the camera or cameras, there are, again, significant savings passed onto the purchaser.

All the above, means that the equine community can ride out in style. Should a driver approach too fast then a simple one-handed arm gesture can be made to signal them to slow down. The driver may not realise their speed or may not be aware that they need to slow down.

Should a driver be passing too close then the rider has two hands to ensure that the horse is firmly steered away from the nearby car. If they are particularly close, then the rider should be able to give a vocal queue to “Pass Wide and Slow”.

In the unfortunate occurrence that a driver actually becomes aggressive then all of this will be recorded while the rider can easily focus on taking evasive action to keep both themselves and their horse safe. The rider does not have to worry about recording the situation, that is already being taken care of. The riders sole focus can be on maintaining their seat on their horse.

It is unfortunate, however, it is evident that there are drivers on our roads that do not know they have to pass wide and slow when they are passing a horse and rider, however, with more and more riders wearing these cameras, not only can these drivers be educated, but other riders can, also, be made aware of overly aggressive drivers and this behaviour can start to be stomped out.

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