You can download the user manual for your DC-1 here.

This contains full instructions for using the camera and troubleshooting.


For camera’s received from July 2020


For camera’s received before the end of June 2020



Cameras purchased before July 2020 use the VF Cam

Cameras purchased from July 2020 use either the Viidure or Roadcam app. Our preferred choice is Viidure as there are more features and improved video clip editing

The camera will not fully charge if you are not using the charging cable provided. The camera must also be charged via mains or a powerbank supply. The USB port on any computer or laptop will not provide the power required to fully charge the battery.

It is perfectly normal for this message to sometimes appear as your mobile device is just warning you that you will be connecting to an additional device and not your main WiFi/Broadband. You can ignore this message and proceed to connect to the camera

Order before 1pm on any weekday and your order will be dispatched the same day, you should receive your order the next working day. Orders placed after 1pm will be sent the following day (this excludes weekends and bank holidays)

If you have any form of security software or firewall set up on your mobile device this could be preventing access to the App

To overcome this, you will need to update the settings on your phone/software to allow access. The most common used are

Norton or Mcaffe, the links below may help you

SD cards may not always be in the correct format, normally the larger cards i.e. 64GB and 128GB. You can format as below

A – By app

Connect your mobile device via WiFi. Open the app setting page and select format options

B – Direct via Camera

Stop recording and turn off the WiFi feature. Short press the main button 5 times. The camera will vibrate 3 times and the white light will flash steadily. The format is now complete.

Full details can be found in the user manual or tutorial video

The DC-1 is designed as a safety camera so it is preset to loop record with 3 minute video segments.

So how does loop record work. Lets say you are using a 128GB sd card. This will give you approximately 9 hours of total recording. The 3 min video files build up and when the max card storage is reached it will start to overwrite the oldest files first. So when using a 128Gb card you will always have the last 9 hours saved in the 3 minute files.

You can select the desired segment times i.e. 3/5/10 minutes which can be selected/changed within the WiFi app

If you are using the DC-1 camera for more action camera use, the loop record facility can simply be turned off within app settings. Your video files will be saved in 15 minute segments BUT it will not loop record when the card is full.

Note – If you do not have the option in the app to change segment times or to turn loop record off, please update to latest camera firmware and app version. Please see guide at top of this webpage

Sound recording quality is a challenge with any helmet/riding hat camera i.e. surrounding noise especially wind, also, maintaining reasonable sound quality at the same time as keeping the unit water-resistant.

Keeping water out but sound in is a big challenge. The mic is set to achieve the best possible result at the same time as being IP rated for any weather. The mic has to be set at quite a high internal sensitivity level to pick up external sound through the internal waterproofing membrane. We are always striving to improve this, so keep an eye out for new firmware updates.

You have the option of different sensitivity levels. Changing the sensitivity level can easily be done by performing a firmware update and selecting the desired sensitivity level.

Update Firmware

This is simple to resolve. It just means that the incorrect firmware version has been uploaded to your camera. There are 3 versions, please select the correct version based upon your purchase date and update to the correct firmware. If you get stuck please call for advice, we are happy to help 0330 22 33 108

In July, August and early September we had a small batch of cameras that had this issue. This was due to an upgrade in our chipset.

This bug can easily be resolved by updating to the latest version of the Firmware. 

Update Firmware

The DC-1 has been designed primarily for the use as a helmet/riding hat camera but please note that it is secured using the standard type of GoPro mounts of which there are numerous options. In your selected kit we provide the main type of mounts for fitting to a motorbike/cycle helmet and horse riding hats.

Fitting the camera to ensure you get a great field of view (FOV) is key. Kindly watch the tutorial videos.

The date and time is auto set from your mobile device. As soon as connected via WiFi this will auto update. So no need to manually change anything on the camera due to time changes or time zones.

We have had reports of iOS devices updating the incorrect date/time. The issue is with the iPhone not the camera. Please see advice on link below

iOS Date/Time Advise

The remote control is a great added feature. It has a strap so you can mount it on your wrist or your bike etc.

If you want to take a photo (front and back) just hit the photo button and the jobs done. The photo will be stored on the SD card for you to view later.

Locked files. This is an important safety feature. If you witness any incident or there is an important clip you want to save, just hit the lock file and the file at the point the button is pushed will be saved to a protected folder and will not be over written by the camera.

Watch Tutorial Video

By the way its IP67 water rated so protected against any weather.

Once fully charged you can expect  2 ½ of recording, that’s both front and rear files.

To maximise the run time you can select 720p, also, remember to turn off the WiFi (Press the main button twice). as this is not generally required when recording. Once the WiFi is turned off it will remain off next time you power it on, double press again to turn it back on.

Battery life can easily be extended as the camera will fully operate when connected to power via the Micro USB lead provided. A portable standard power bank of 10000mAh would give you approximately another 12 hours in addition to the 2.5 hours if the camera is fully charged.

In wet conditions please ensure that the additional USB Rubber Water Proof Pack is used in conjunction with the USB cable provided.

Please note that cold weather affects all batteries and can reduce run time.

This could be for a number of reasons

  • Battery not charged
  • Energy-saving feature will turn the camera off if not being used and stationary
  • The SD card is full and you do not have the loop record feature turned on
  • Faulty SD card
  • Your SD card has not been reformatted. If the white and green LEDs are flashing fast the card requires formatting. The camera will auto shut down if the card has not been formatted.

The Techalogic DC-1 camera has an IP65 and the remote control has an IP67 rating (weatherproof). Withstand jets of water projected by a nozzle from any direction and is still be suitable for any outdoor location. There is no need to place the camera in any waterproof housing.

You will get 9-10 hours of recording time on a 128GB and 4.5-5 hours on a 64GB card micro SD card. We recommend using a class 10 min 80mbs U3 card. 

WiFi apps are a very confusing world especially as there are so many mobile phones available.

If you are experiencing any problem connecting or using the app, place your mobile device on Flight/Airplane Mode. This generally smooths out the WiFi connection and you should be good to go.

Tutorial Video

You can use a coin or similar to open the battery cover and replace the battery. The battery type is CR2032 

If your camera freezes, it can be reset by pushing the reset button under the USB flap. Press and hold for 15 seconds or until LEDs go out.

Don’t worry this can sometimes happen in cold conditions. The camera will warm up when being used so dependant on weather conditions the lens may sometimes mist up. If this happens both front and rear lens cover unscrew. take them off, clean them and leave the camera to air and all will be fine. 

This can be due to a couple of reasons:

  1. In recording mode, when the camera remains static for 3 minutes it auto turns off to preserve battery
  2. Check the SD card. If there is not enough storage space on the card the camera will stop recording if the loop recording has been turned off
  3. The SD card requires formatting. This is identified by the white and green LEDs flashing very quickly (press the main button 5 times to format the card)

Don’t worry, accidents happen! The lens cover can get damaged or scratched and of course, this will effect video quality, but it's not a problem, both front and rear lenses can easily be screwed off and replacements obtained from our store.

All Techalogic products carry a 12-month warranty from date of sale.

You can email us at or use our contact page. We will reply you within 24-48 hours.

H.265 or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the world’s fastest video encoder. It supports 25% to 50% data compression at the same video quality leading to a higher coding efficiency.


For general video playback on your computer there are many options, a few listed below. Current versions of all software are required






To convert HEVC Codec.265 please review below links


If required, we are able to provide firmware that can be used to reset your camera back to the older H.264 codec. Please get in contact if this required



Important! Please download, read and follow this guide to update to the latest camera firmware.

Note the firmware BIN file comes in 3 variations depending on the microphone sensitivity you want.

You only need to download/install ONE BIN FILE



Please select and download ONE BIN FILE depending on the microphone sensitivity you desire. Current Firmware version TBC



Please select and download ONE BIN FILE depending on the microphone sensitivity you desire. Current firmware version DC-1 20201229



Please select and download ONE BIN FILE depending on the microphone sensitivity you desire.


All Techalogic products carry a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

Should there be a manufacturing fault with any items purchased online with us, please email: or use our contact page within the 12 month warranty period to register your claim.

Techalogic reserves the right to assess all warranty claims in accordance with UK consumer law guidelines and manufacturer conditions before a repair, replacement or refund can be approved.

Contact us.