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Introducing the Techalogic HC-1 Helmet Camera

24th August, 2022 | News, Cycling, E-Scooters, Equestrian, Motorcycling

Techalogic are always looking to innovate, create and manufacture new camera technologies to make your journeys safer and more secure, no matter who you are on the roads. As such, we’ve created the HC-1 helmet camera to be used for a variety of pursuits, to offer you the best safety on the road.

The HC-1 Helmet camera is suited to multiple disciplines and is designed to fit easily onto your helmet of choice, providing effective coverage of your journeys on the road. The HC-1 is best suited to motorcycle riders, cyclists and horse riders, as well as other vehicle drivers who require a functional and versatile helmet or dash camera. We have designed the HC-1 to be an adaptable camera capable of increased road safety, high-quality recording and so much more.


Very Small & Lightweight!!

The New HC-1 Features

The video footage is incredible quality at 2k QHD at 30 fps or 1080 FHD at 60 fps. Via the unique camera holder, the HC-1 can be mounted using any GoPro-style set-up.

  • Dedicated W
  • Wi-Fi app to manage settings and review videos on the go via your mobile device.
  • Easy-to-use camera with one button operation and vibration alerts.
  • Loop recording feature.
  • Maximum of 256 GB micro-SD card.
  • IP65 rating to use in all weather conditions.
  • Small size for versatile use; can be used in vehicles too.
  • Battery life of 2.5 hours run time.


Designed for any weather without the need of a waterproof case



The Techalogic HC-1 helmet camera has been designed by our team in the UK for  UK equestrian riders who require a great quality camera that is also lightweight, small, easy to use and easy to mount onto any riding hat.

The HC-1 will come with an elasticated head strap (black) to fit conveniently onto any style of horse-riding hat/helmet. Additionally, the HC-1 has a waterproof rating of IP65, meaning you can use it in all weather conditions without the need for a special case.

Simply attach your helpful HC-1 to any style of riding hat/helmet for enhanced security and additional eyes on your rides. Your camera will record high-quality footage of your road journeys and can provide valuable evidence in the event of a road incident, legal dispute or insurance claim.




The HC-1 offers a huge range of features, including the above. The HC-1 is brilliantly versatile and can be easily mounted onto most motorcycle helmets. Using the unique camera holder provided, the HC-1 can be mounted using any GoPro-style set up.

A growing number of motorcyclists are mounting their cameras to the chin area of their helmets to give a full field view of the road ahead. The HC-1 is perfect for this and comes with versatile fitting options to suit most helmets.

With your camera, you will also receive a 3 m flat/curved mount, as well as a long and short extendable arm to help with an easy and versatile helmet set-up. If this still does not fit your helmet, there are many other GoPro options that will be suitable with the HC-1 camera holder.

For motorcyclists, safety on the roads is paramount. With your Techalogic HC-1 camera mounted helpfully to your helmet, you’ll never be caught unprepared. Your helmet camera is useful for evidence in the event of a road incident, legal dispute or insurance claim.



The HC-1 is the perfect camera for cyclists who require a fantastic quality, lightweight camera that is easy to mount and use for enhanced safety on your journeys. Using the unique camera holder, it can be mounted using any GoPro-style set-up and easily mounted with the 3 m curved or flat mount (included in the kit), or the cycling hat strap available as a bundle accessory.

Cyclists will benefit from an additional pair of eyes on the road, covering their journeys and providing high-quality footage to monitor your and others’ road use, as well as providing valuable footage if an accident were to occur.

Dash cams and helmet cameras are essential for safe road use and ensuring that you have a silent witness available at all times, should you be involved in a road incident, insurance claim or legal dispute.


hc1 size comparison

What’s in the box

  • HC-1 camera
  • Camera holder
  • User manual
  • USB charging and data cable
  • Elasticated headstrap
  • 3 m curved and flat mount
  • 3 m sticky pads
  • Long and short extension arms
  • Selection of thumb screws and fixing bolts
  • Cycle Helmet Strap

Note – Micro SD card is required and is an optional extra

hc1 helmet camera

Product Features

Size and weight. Designed specifically for the safety-conscious rider looking for a camera that can easily be mounted, which is, of course, small enough that you will not notice you are wearing it.

Amazing video quality. We have used only the best quality components i.e., Sony Image Sensor, to capture great quality video in either 2K QHD, 1080FHD or 720HD.

Robust and weatherproof. UK weather is unpredictable at the best of times. No need to worry; the IP65 rating of the HC-1 protects against rain and dust, without the need for a special case.

Easy to use. With one-button operation, just one press and off you go. Wi-Fi and a dedicated app so you can change settings and review videos on the move. Vibration alert so you know when the camera turns on/off.

Loop recording. A key feature for a safety camera. If you insert a mid-size card i.e., 128 GB, this will give you around 10 hours of video storage. However, you don’t need to worry about managing your files; with the loop feature switched on, the camera will simply overwrite the older files first once the card is full.

Camera mount. Designed so it’s compatible with any GoPro style fitment. This gives you hundreds of different mounting options.

Value for money. The HC-1 was designed for cycling, horse riding and motorcycling. However, owing to its design, it can be used for almost any action activity where a small camera is more suitable. The HC-1 also makes for a great dash camera, too. Simply use the 3 M flat mount provided on your windscreen and it’s the perfect discreet dash camera for any vehicle. Take your HC-1 silent witness with you everywhere you go on the road.

Great battery life. We have invested in one of the best quality batteries to ensure that you can record for up to 2.5 hours uninterrupted.

Wide angle. The 120-degree view give you a great field of vision of the road ahead. Of course, as the camera is mounted on your hat/helmet, it is recording exactly where you are looking. So, you’ll be more than capable of capturing that perfect video memory of that idiot driver in quality 2K QHD.


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