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I got knocked off my Royal Enfield 650 | Dash-cam crash

19th January, 2022 | News

Depends where and how u fall. I fell once while coming back from a group ride in Nagpur. Somebody suddenly breaked his bike in front of me, and i applied the breaks, keeping the handle straight, but towards the end, i had to turn the handle to avoid tail-ending the idiot. So i skid right there on the road at speed of 60kmph.

I was in full gear. So all i got was a broken pinky on the left hand and a hairline fracture in the elbow on right arm. Nothing serious. The bike, since it was fitted with a strong steel crash guard, escaped with just a bent footrest. Nothing else happened. The bike kept running. So i pillion rode behind another rider, and a mate rode my bike to my frightened wife. That was about it.

Then i had a few falls in the himalayas. Upper regions of lahaul spiti. We were so weak in absence of oxygen that we would let go of the bike whenever it tilted a bit too much, but those were kiddish falls. Nothing ever happened to the bikes, except a bit of petrol spil from the full tanks.

The bikes are all iron. Nothing much happens really untill the fall is so harsh as to cause major breakages. As for your person, a good sturdy crashguard will always protect you from the bike.

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