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The new Highway Code’s instant impact on Horse riders

3rd March, 2022 | Equestrian, News

Horse riders, who previously “risked their lives” riding on public roads have praised the new Highway Code changes, stating that the impact on their road experience has been instant. Riders have stated that previously, riding on public roads was like “taking their life in their hands”. However, with the new changes, equestrians have seen new Highway Code regulations place horse riders and cyclists at the top of the road hierarchy. These changes were brought in to protect road users most at risk in the event of a collision.

In a study from Horse and Hound, of those surveyed, only 3% of equestrians said they never felt stressed or anxious when using the roads, while 43% said they felt stressed or anxious over half of the time.

With so many incidents and feeling unsafe on public roads, equestrians have campaigned for change for a long time. The new Highway Code changes have been praised by equestrians and has resulted in instant changes for riders who wish to use the public roads. The new changes may still be fresh in people’s minds, but the changes are here to stay and should be understood and followed by all road users now and in the future.

Our passion is road safety, and we want to ensure all road users have access to safe and fair road use. As such, we carry a wide range of safety gear to ensure all road users are equipped and safe on the road.

For equestrians we carry a selection of devices designed to make road use safer. We carry a variety of front and rear helmet cameras, riding visibility accessories, and lights with a selection of features:

We carry a selection of front and rear cameras with built in visibility lights to ensure your time on the road is as safe as possible. Our cameras are designed to give you evidence in the event of an accident, protecting you from all kinds of road users.

We also carry a range of riding accessories designed to make you more visible on the road.

Our passion is keeping you safe on the road, always.

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