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Can the HC-1 Camera Be Used to Record Front and Behind?

26th October, 2022 | Equestrian, E-Scooters

Our brand new HC-1 camera was designed specifically for equestrians, providing them with a lightweight, easy-to-use helmet camera to record footage of their rides, hacks, and while on the road. Equestrians are one of the most vulnerable road users and will always benefit from multiple recording options to provide a better view of their rides, other road users, and accidents that may occur.


Since the release of the HC-1, equestrians have been asking if the new helmet camera can be used to record front and rear footage. The answer is yes!


While the HC-1 does not offer dual lens recording footage, two cameras can be conveniently mounted in the centre of the helmet to provide lightweight and versatile recording of your rides, proving valuable if an accident were to occur, like so:


techalogic hc-1Techalogic HC-1 FrontTechalogic HC-1 side


When mounting two HC-1 cameras, you will be surprised at how lightweight the cameras feel, providing no issue in regard to vision, weight, or balance when riding. Additionally, the HC-1 offers a great field of view, recording centrally, the same way your vision would see things for authentic video footage and reliable recording at all times.

For riders who prefer a central mount, as opposed to a mount on the side of the helmet, the HC-1 is perfect.

In the standard camera kit with each camera, you will find an elasticated strap to mount your camera to the helmet. When purchasing your second HC-1, you will receive an additional strap that can be combined with the former strap, creating one strap to mount your two cameras.

For more help on mounting your cameras, you can watch our helpful video here.


hc-1 helmet cameraOther features of the HC-1 include:

  • 2.5 hours run time
  • Video quality of 2k QHD
  • Fits neatly onto any style of horse-riding helmet/hat
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi app to help manage things
  • Easy to use
  • Loop record feature
  • Many more




Our HC-1 is available for pre-order now. If you’d like to know anything else about our range of cameras or have any other dedicated questions regarding our HC-1, please get in touch.

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