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Why might you want a helmet camera?

There are many reasons why you should consider using a helmet camera. The main reason is for safety. If something happens while you are cycling, riding a motorbike, or out on a horse,  a camera can provide evidence to protect your interests.

Another reason to use a helmet camera is to capture memories. Cycling is a great way to explore the world and a helmet camera can help you capture the best moments. Bikers that tour Europe and beyond can record moments on their favourite mountainous routes. Horse lovers can record their favourite moments out on a hack. All of those memories that would otherwise not be captured.

With those two important reasons, it’s hard to imagine why anybody wouldnt want a helmet camera. So when you are looking for yours – there are some things you should consider . For example, make sure to get one that has a great field of view. Too close and you basically record tunnell vision. Too wide and you will get a fishbowl effect to the footage and generally speaking, the quality of the images fade drastically around the edges, or make the footage look distorted.

A good lens is a must, and ideally, one that isn’t expensive to replace if dropped or hit by a stone for instance. Performance in low light and night settings is really important too. Helmet cameras are available in many shapes and sizes, but we’re sure you’ll agree, the more streamlined a helmet camera is, and the least it impacts on look, the better.

So, if you are looking for a way to capture memories while staying safe, then a helmet camera is a great idea, and as a company that makes cameras, we believe our Techalogic DC-1 is a NO BRAINER!

Who loves a Helmet Camera?

Shared by Youtuber Cyclodrama

He said: “The DC-1 is a brilliant little piece of kit. I love it so much, I’ve decided to become a Youtuber! 🙂

What makes the DC-1 a great choice?

  • It’s a dual lens camera that records to the front & rear…THAT’S RIGHT!
  • It has a 2.5 hour battery life
  • It’s lightweight at only 104g
  • It’s sleek but robust
  • It’s 1080P HD recordings can be shared via a free app!

Wondering if the DC-1 is for you? CONTACT US and we’d be glad to help.