Equestrian hat cameras suitable for horse riders

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An equestrian hat camera will not just capture those memorable hacking moments but also provide useful video footage in the event of any incident or accident. As we know dash cameras are widely used in cars, vans and trucks, wearing a camera when you are riding is also a good idea and here at Techalogic…

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Helmet cameras: Who Needs One

Woman sitting on her horse and wearing XV-1 2K QHD Helmet Camera

Helmet cameras are made to make cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists feel safer on the road. These past few years, many cyclists have begun using cycle head cameras more often. They are an efficient way to see how we cycle, as well as how other people on the road drive. One of their main benefits…

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iAM Roadsmart Partner With Techalogic

At Techalogic, we are pioneers for safe and sensible road use. We want every road user to feel safe, informed, and empowered on the road. We produce a large range of helmet cameras and dash cams designed to make your journeys safer, whether you’re driving, in the passenger seat, or another road user. We are…

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The new Highway Code’s instant impact on Horse riders

car going 10mph and 2 metres away from horse riders

Horse riders, who previously “risked their lives” riding on public roads have praised the new Highway Code changes, stating that the impact on their road experience has been instant. Riders have stated that previously, riding on public roads was like “taking their life in their hands”. However, with the new changes, equestrians have seen new…

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What the New Highway Code Rule Changes mean for Cyclists


Since 29th January 2022, the Highway Code changes have come into place. The new Highway Code rules must be understood by and followed by all road users. Failure to comply with the rule changes will result in a fine. Here’s how the new regulations affect cyclists:   Hierarchy of road users The new Highway Code…

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Techalogic are raising funds to support Ukraine


Like most people, we are appalled at what is happening in Ukraine right now and have decided to do what little we can to help the people of Ukraine. We have teamed up with ALB Ukraine Central Donation Hub (Abbey-Fields, Colchester). They are ensuring that essential supplies are getting to Ukraine where needed, in as…

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I got knocked off my Royal Enfield 650 | Dash-cam crash

Black Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Depends where and how u fall. I fell once while coming back from a group ride in Nagpur. Somebody suddenly breaked his bike in front of me, and i applied the breaks, keeping the handle straight, but towards the end, i had to turn the handle to avoid tail-ending the idiot. So i skid right…

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