What to Consider Before Buying a Helmet Camera for your Bicycle

XV-1 2K QHD Helmet Camera

Cyclists know the importance of safety gear. A bike helmet is essential for protecting your head in the event of a collision, while additional padding for your hands and knees can help when falling off your bike. But what about protecting yourself from being hit by a car? Or catching evidence of a hit-and-run driver?…

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Shawlands Bike Bus – Glasgow City Council

Shawlands Bike Bus

At Techalogic we’re always looking for ways to engage with the community, get our name out there and make a difference to people’s safety on the roads. To our surprise, we were contacted by Glasgow City council for a really fantastic cause.   Techalogic Help Shawlands Bike Bus Glasgow City Council wrote to us about…

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Advantages of Using Cycling Safety Cameras

cyclist helmet camera

Bicycle cameras were originally sold as accessories for recreational riders, giving them the opportunity to edit and create films of their journeys. It soon become apparent that they were useful for recording collisions, as cyclists began posting near-misses and other dangerous driving on video-sharing websites like YouTube. The roads can be dangerous places for cyclists,…

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